How to Receive ∞Quan Yin - Ascended Master, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

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This transmission was originally posted on Jan 7, 2016.

“It is I, Quan Yin.

Without letting yourselves take a break, it is impossible for you to continue moving forward. You simply have cycles, and some of the parts of those cycles involve doing nothing. There is not always going to be something for you to do. There is not always going to be an appropriate action for you to take.

But action often seems like the easy way for you, the quick way, or even the most satisfying way. But I have noticed that all of you enjoy receiving, from time to time, and you enjoy receiving without needing to do something or to get it yourselves. This can be a very satisfying experience.

So what then is so frustrating to you about not being able to take an action to move energy forward? It is in part due to the programming that you have all been subjected to by so many authority figures. These authority figures have asked you to do things that you haven’t wanted to do or have demanded that you do them.

You have not been taught how to receive. It is not taught in your schools. It is not taught by your government, and it is not taught by those in authority positions of religion. So I am taking it upon myself to teach you how to receive.

I am not asking all of you to cease taking action. There are always going to be times when it is appropriate for you to take action. What I am talking about are the times when you cannot take action or you do not know what action to take. When you find yourself in one of these scenarios, give yourselves permission to receive.

You are surrounded by energy. You are constantly being given downloads and upgrades, and most of you receive them subconsciously. But if you make it your intention to receive and you open yourself up energetically to that which is always flowing your direction, you can give yourselves a wonderful experience without needing to take a single action to make it happen.

So just intend to receive something in this moment that is already yours, that is waiting for you to let go of the struggle. Give yourselves that experience at least once a day, and see what remarkable things can come to you effortlessly.

I am Quan Yin, and I hold you in my heart.”