'April New Moon Restoration ~ Channeled Diamond Light Attunement' | Rebecca Rose - Sirius Blue (Audio)

Content Source/Owner: Rebecca Rose - Sirius Blue

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This transmission was originally published on April 6, 2019.

Intro (by Rebecca Rose - Sirius Blue):

Fluid and bone,  breath and flow.  Unwind your nervous system, be wrapped in light.  Blood, kidneys and nervous system; thymus and sacrum. What's the relationship to awakening?  Entrain with Earth & Sky as you receive the gentle energy of Andromeda, the crystalline pyramid & the forgiving frequencies on the New Moon.  

May these lunar energies offer you nourishment, expansion, insight and well being. 
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Rebecca Rose Barfoot
Energy Intuitive, Seer, Channel
Galactic Ambassador & Non-Consensual Reality Specialist

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Water and birdsong recorded on location, secret home ground hiding places, Apache land.  Earth speaks, the sky restores.  ♥  Sirius Blue.