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'Pokor Lèr' by Saodaj (Song, Video)

Saodaj is a musical group from Reunion Island.

Since I could not find a lyrics source to directly copy/paste from, I have typed out the Réunion Creole lyrics in English script without accents.

Video SourceSaodaj'

Lyrics (Réunion Creole):

Nad'fwa mou la anvid'fe de soz
me nout lespri yaret anmare.
<<Pokor Lèr>> i di aret anmar anou par nou mem, larg in pe lo kor,
la vi le bel, rant dann ron e les nout ti manyer amen la vi
akokiye deryer nour


Pokor Lèr

Alon marmay rant dann ron
Ter la manze pou le ker
Dann somin pave na avanse
Sa pa malize pou nou kapote

Doubwai iai iai sem manai

Riskap lavalas gatir out kor
Sa pa listwar pou fan out kador
Kabar li mem limyer out somanke
Bourzon out ker wa pet an fler dann zalize

Depwak out lespri karyake
Pou ou dekony out ker brize
Na ankor pour espere
Si somin nou mem la galize

Doubwai iai iai sem manai




Sometimes we would like to dare,
but something holds us back
<<Pokor Lèr>> is a call for freedom, boldness
and gathering. Anyone can be a light in the darkness,
a hope for tomorrow


It's not time yet

Come! Enter the dance
That sustenance which feeds the heart
On beaten paths we shall forge on
No ill winds can sway or topple us

Doubwai iai iai sem manai

Though diluvian rains may freeze your skin
Pay mind that your history can't weaken you
The Kabar* elucidates your doubts
Will expose your heart to freedom,
let the trade winds carry you

Free your mind
Mend the wounds of your body
There is hope still
On paths we've cleared ourselves

Doubwai iai iai sem manai

Let's create!
Let's indulge!


*Kabar : Musical gathering where Maloya is played (traditional music of Reunion Island)


Songwriters: S.Arhiman - J.Itema - A.Sery / M.Lanfroy

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