The Story of my Life - From a Dream to Reality (Video)

Content Source: Jonna Jinton

Video Intro:

This video is about how I changed my life 8 years ago, when I left the city life and moved 1000 km to the north and started a new life close to nature. Close to all the things my heart was longing for.

These 8 years have been so challenging and hard but also wonderful and magical in every single way.  I have learnt so much from that day I came to the old house in this small village in the forest with no money, no job and no plan on what I should do with my life.

But from that day I started living, for real. I started appreciating things that I had never even thought of when living in an apartment in the city. And I learnt that you can never feel the wonderful, comfort(ing) feeling of warmth if you have not yet been cold.

I started with nothing but a dream. And today, I live my dream. Everyday I feel so thankful for still being able to live here in my little paradise deep in the forests in the north of Sweden, and working with all the things I love, and sharing my life with someone I love.

In this video you get to see a short summary of these years. Of course, many details are not included since the video would be 2 years long if I would include all the things that happened along the way. But at least it tells my story in a big picture :)