Aluna Ash Update (14-DEC-18): Initiation & Soul Integration - South Node (Ketu) In Capricorn, North Node (Rahu) In Cancer - (Video)

Content Source: Aluna Ash- 9D

Quoting from the introduction to this video (published on Dec 14, 2018). Video is at the end of the page.

South Node in Capricorn is where we learn to walk the path, we become the initiate. We begin to see beyond the physical and head back to source. Karmic endings. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is the guard in front of the bridge to other realms and our way back to Source. Saturn shows us our karma and restrictions we must face first. This is why Moon or Neptune in Capricorn can be powerful for the evolved Soul but detrimental and/or in it's fall for the unevolved Soul or unaware- it's the gateway to other realms (mediumship), the gateway out of the physical. But first we face restrictions & karma. 

Which is exactly what the South Node in Capricorn is showing us in order to liberate. The South Node will then move into Sagittarius and this is where we know our path and understand the lessons during the initiation process of our Soul that we experienced while South Node was in Cap... we move to the concrete realm of thought & away from desires driven by the material plane. 

The dynamic between Capricorn (our way back to source) and Cancer( the gateway in for the soul) right now is whats pushing us forward spiritually.. it may be difficult but it is for the highest good of all Souls involved, we are about to be stepping into our destiny consciously as a full embodiment of our higher self. North Node in Cancer is the realization of the Soul without the ego or personality. 

Integrating the shadow self and purging the emotional body & any 3D imprints of duality within the emotional body. This is helping us to follow our destiny and complete soul contracts by expanding them into our awareness... Rahu/North Node expands/grows. Everything is being brought up.

The North Node will then move into Gemini where we merge the lower self & higher self/soul & our filter/perception of reality will be more from the lower self and higher self/soul in a balanced/integrated state. This is why Mercury the ruler of Gemini, is in it's fall in Pisces.. Pisces doesn't need to perceive from the mind or filter this reality, it has integrated the lower self and higher self as one and Mercury is the communication between the two-  Pisces  has mastered the mind and sees beyond the reality & Mercury is no longer needed. So Mercury becomes more of Uranus- seeing from the Higher Mind.

USA 8TH house and 2nd house will be bringing up alot of drama or hidden things to the surface. Cancer-8th house of USA. Csp- 2nd house of USA. Money, sex, abuse, suffering, manipulation, hidden things, etc.. even more so w the Full moon in Cancer along side Rahu.