Sunday, 30 December 2018

The Story of my Life - From a Dream to Reality (Video)

Content Source: Jonna Jinton

Video Intro:

This video is about how I changed my life 8 years ago, when I left the city life and moved 1000 km to the north and started a new life close to nature. Close to all the things my heart was longing for.

These 8 years have been so challenging and hard but also wonderful and magical in every single way.  I have learnt so much from that day I came to the old house in this small village in the forest with no money, no job and no plan on what I should do with my life.

But from that day I started living, for real. I started appreciating things that I had never even thought of when living in an apartment in the city. And I learnt that you can never feel the wonderful, comfort(ing) feeling of warmth if you have not yet been cold.

I started with nothing but a dream. And today, I live my dream. Everyday I feel so thankful for still being able to live here in my little paradise deep in the forests in the north of Sweden, and working with all the things I love, and sharing my life with someone I love.

In this video you get to see a short summary of these years. Of course, many details are not included since the video would be 2 years long if I would include all the things that happened along the way. But at least it tells my story in a big picture :)

'Processing Spiritual Concepts: Synchronicity and the Meaningful, Subjective Experience' by Magenta Pixie (Video)

Content Source: Magenta Pixie

Video Intro:

How can I better understand your videos?  I am trying really hard to understand a lot of the concepts you talk about.  Will it affect my spiritual progression if I just cannot understand these concepts?

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie.

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

'Three Keys to the Power of the Dreamtime' by Magenta Pixie (Video)

Content Source: Magenta Pixie

Introduction to the video:

Any place can be visited within the Dreamtime. Any time can be visited within the Dreamspace. The entire fabric of the quantum universe is available and accessible to you.

When these three Keys are in place, then dreamtime/dreamspace is yours to utilise as you so choose.

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie.

Sunday, 16 December 2018

'Аманат (Amanat)' by Hassak (Song, Video)

This is a song by a musical group named 'Hassak' on Kazakhstani national pride, culture and history.

'Аманат' (Amanat) means legacy.

Video Source: GAKKU TV

Lyrics (transliteration):

Алтын Ордам- Отан анасың
Алашымның ұлы даласы
Ұрпағына еткен аманат
Қазағымның ұлы бабасы
Абылайлап сермеп қылышын
Қанын төккен қыз бен ұл үшін
Таңбасы бар тасқа жазылған
Ұмытылмас бабам ұлы ісің!
Ерттеп мінген асыл пырағын
Атойлаған салып ұранын
Ғасыр асып келді бүгінге
Қазақ деген қайсар қыраным!

Бахадүр бабамыз- қыран
Тербетіп даламызды бар
Оян да оян деп қазақ
Саламыз саламыз ұран
Бабамнан анамнан қалған
Жеріңді қорғап өт жаудан
Тәуелсіз күніңнің құны
Қан мен жас жанардан жауған!
Ей қазақ салтыңды сақта
Қаратпа халқыңды жатқа
Қолыңды көтеріп көкке
Жалбарын жалбарын Хаққа
Ертеңің болсын деп жарқын
Таңдарың болсын деп алтын
Тәңірден тілейміз мәңгі
Қолдай бер алаштың халқын!

Санаға берілмей құлдық
Салтыңды дәріпте жыр қып
Ертеңің болады жарқын
Халқыңнан кетпесе бірлік!
Тұғырлы тіліңді сақта
Ақиқат дініңді сатпа
Қара жер анаңды қорға
Абылай отырған таққа!



The Golden Horde - Our Motherland
Is the great steppe of the many peoples!
The future seed had been entrusted
To our great princes of yore:
Do your best to protect it,
For both women and men bled for it
So that it could be stamped on stone.
That is the unforgettable, glorious work of our forefathers!
Gladly laughing in their sad endeavour
The standards of war
Have come and gone with the centuries
Oh, my dear Kazakh land!

We have ancient horses and hawks
And the earth beneath us.
Wake up! Wake up Kazakh people!
Let's gallop further and further!
We share our grandfathers' duty:
To protect our land from all our enemies
And feast on the Day of Freedom
Through blood and snowstorms!
Preserve our Kazakh traditions
From the foreign invaders;
Lift your arms up to Heaven
And beg our Supreme Being
For a bright tomorrow
(When we'll receive) gold for each tear shed.
We beg Tengri to always 1
Protect the people of the Alash Movement! 2

We shall not know slavery:
Let's praise freedom and enjoy it
For tomorrow shall be bright
As long as we remain united as a single people!
Nurture our mother tongue
And never abandon the truth;
Protect this, our Motherland
And honour Ablai Khan's throne! 3


Lyrics source

'Polarity Consciousness - 7th & 8th Dimensions' by Magenta Pixie (Video)

Content Source: Magenta Pixie

This video was originally published on Dec 29, 2008.


I am already polarised positive  but I find the idea of growing into oneself as polarised negative fascinating. You say that there is help for those beings in service solely to self, but how is that if the helpers are also polarised service  to self?

Also I see that self serving beings can grow only to the seventh dimension before switching or neutralising polarity  does that mean that polarity is neutralised at the eighth dimension?

This question, asked by a member of "The Gold Ring" is responded to by the Nine, through Magenta Pixie.

'The Flame Of The Dragon (Liberation Of Humanity)' by Magenta Pixie - (Video)

Content Source: Magenta Pixie

This video was originally published on Nov 10, 2015.


The calling of the dragons would be done through the heart, for they love you as much as you love them.  They are not your saviours but they are your guides and they are here to assist you with the liberation of humanity.

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie.

Metal From the Dirt: Inside the Navajo Reservation's DIY Heavy-Metal Scene (Video)

This is a short video update by the 'Everything Is Stories' creative team for Revolver magazine.

Content Source: REVOLVER

Introduction to the video:

"There's a lot of bands, heavy-metal bands, on the Navajo reservation. And for some reason this music, this subculture, seems to permeate with the youth," says Jerold Cecil, manager of Arizona act I Dont Konform. "What Rez Metal is — 'rez' is sort of an inside word for 'reservation.' Our brand of metal is different than anybody else … it's blowing up." 

For one week this summer the Everything Is Stories creative team traveled to the Southwest United States, and Navajo Nation territory, to document the originators of the DIY Rez Metal scene, and the bands that are now carrying the torch, including I Dont Konform, Mutilated Tyrant and Born of Winter. 

From a generator-powered show in the Arizona desert to a band practicing in a traditional Navajo dwelling called a Hogan, this story — told by Navajo ("Diné") bands and individuals involved in the scene — explores the creation of Rez Metal in the Eighties, the juxtaposition of old and new Navajo traditions and the link between heavy metal and native pride.

Aluna Ash Update (14-DEC-18): Initiation & Soul Integration - South Node (Ketu) In Capricorn, North Node (Rahu) In Cancer - (Video)

Content Source: Aluna Ash- 9D

Quoting from the introduction to this video (published on Dec 14, 2018). Video is at the end of the page.

South Node in Capricorn is where we learn to walk the path, we become the initiate. We begin to see beyond the physical and head back to source. Karmic endings. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is the guard in front of the bridge to other realms and our way back to Source. Saturn shows us our karma and restrictions we must face first. This is why Moon or Neptune in Capricorn can be powerful for the evolved Soul but detrimental and/or in it's fall for the unevolved Soul or unaware- it's the gateway to other realms (mediumship), the gateway out of the physical. But first we face restrictions & karma. 

Which is exactly what the South Node in Capricorn is showing us in order to liberate. The South Node will then move into Sagittarius and this is where we know our path and understand the lessons during the initiation process of our Soul that we experienced while South Node was in Cap... we move to the concrete realm of thought & away from desires driven by the material plane. 

The dynamic between Capricorn (our way back to source) and Cancer( the gateway in for the soul) right now is whats pushing us forward spiritually.. it may be difficult but it is for the highest good of all Souls involved, we are about to be stepping into our destiny consciously as a full embodiment of our higher self. North Node in Cancer is the realization of the Soul without the ego or personality. 

Integrating the shadow self and purging the emotional body & any 3D imprints of duality within the emotional body. This is helping us to follow our destiny and complete soul contracts by expanding them into our awareness... Rahu/North Node expands/grows. Everything is being brought up.

The North Node will then move into Gemini where we merge the lower self & higher self/soul & our filter/perception of reality will be more from the lower self and higher self/soul in a balanced/integrated state. This is why Mercury the ruler of Gemini, is in it's fall in Pisces.. Pisces doesn't need to perceive from the mind or filter this reality, it has integrated the lower self and higher self as one and Mercury is the communication between the two-  Pisces  has mastered the mind and sees beyond the reality & Mercury is no longer needed. So Mercury becomes more of Uranus- seeing from the Higher Mind.

USA 8TH house and 2nd house will be bringing up alot of drama or hidden things to the surface. Cancer-8th house of USA. Csp- 2nd house of USA. Money, sex, abuse, suffering, manipulation, hidden things, etc.. even more so w the Full moon in Cancer along side Rahu.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

'The Secret Kissing of the Sun and Moon' by Hang Massive (Song, Video)

Hang Massive is a musical duo that plays the Hang or the Hand Pan musical percussion instrument.

Quoting selectively from the introduction to this video:

We filmed this video in Ladakh which is in the far north of India, a land full of incredible ancient teachings and a culture of devotion. It was such an incredible journey to visit there and make this video.
The music of Hang Massive is sourced in the teachings of Balanced View, a global grass-roots organisation for human empowerment and social change. Both Danny and Markus have been students of Balanced View and the founder, Candice O’Denver for many years.

Candice is a formal lineage holder of the Nyingma Dzogchen lineage.  Candice’s root teachers are H.H. Minling Trichen Rinpoche and Venerable Wangdor Rinpoche.

Video Source: Hang Massive

Artist Bandcamp page

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

'Sztoj pa moru' (Што й па мору) by Laboratorium Pieśni (Song, Video)

Laboratorium Pieśni is a musical group of women from Poland.

Introduction as on their bandcamp website:

Using traditional, polyphonic singing they perform songs from all over the world. They sing with a capella and also with shaman drums, shruti box, kalimba, flute, chimes, singing bowls, rattles etc., creating a new space in a traditional song, adding voice improvisations, inspired by sounds of nature, intuitive, wild and feminine.

Video Source: Laboratoriumpiesni

Artist website:

Artist page on Bandcamp: