'A Calf Born In Winter' by Khruangbin (Song - instrumental, Video)

Khruangbin is a musical group from Houston, Texas, USA.

Quoting from the introductory notes to this video:

- A young girl's journey through various landscapes.

"Collaborating with Khruangbin, we wanted to convey the ideas of journey, exploration, growth and innocence. Using these themes as my guide, the video tells the story of a young girl, escaping from the chaos of fast-paced city life through her dreams to a more liberating and joyful place.

Playing with symbolism--the paper plane as a metaphor for Khruangbin, which means airplane in Thai, to convey discovery through travel; walking through unknown passageways as growth through life's various stages; and, the shot with the young girl and cow to convey rebirth, for it points to the name and thus meaning of the song--was a way to subtly convey this message.

And, personally for me, it's the song's beautiful, dream-like melodies that tie the piece together, taking you to a truly peaceful place." - Danielle Villasana, Director

Filmed on location in Peru.

Content Source: Late Night Tales