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COBRA: Dream of the Dolphin (Video)

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Quoting from the introduction to this video:

This video is a co-creation with our beloved brother and friend, emanuehl from youtube channel 
melchizedek144. He created and shared some great music with me called ~ Dolphinus. I added music  from Enigma, using their song ~The Dream Of The Dolphin.  Enjoy this celebration of water and all it's Life-giving wonders. Gratitude, Love, Light and Peace to emanuehl for sharing his musical compostion for all to enjoy and feel at peace!


Most artwork by Kagaya and Google. This video would not be possible without this amazing artist who inspires and uplifts Humanity with His vision and art. We are grateful and blessed by Kagaya's gifts beyond measure :) Peace, Love, Light and Hope to ALL !

Elizabeth Skyraven

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Sunday, 19 August 2018

VishwaAmara: Special Days for Meditation — August 2018

Content Source: VishwaAmara

Published on Aug 10, 2018.

We are in a phase of intense inner Awakening and churning. It may not be pleasant journey for all, but is necessary. We are after all in the transition to a period of Truth and Purity. Naturally for this to manifest, the existing dirt and darkness has to be cleansed and we as individuals have to evolve Spiritually.

The present phase is different for each individual. For some it is very tough and for some it is smooth progress. The period reflects our inner state and the results of our efforts. The more we embrace the Spiritual values and manifest them, the easier it becomes.

Spiritual progress is not easy and cannot be achieved with haste. It takes constant effort over many years. The events and situations manifest in our life for a reason. They help us to understand our inner nature better so that it can be addressed. Blaming life, the circumstances or trying to avoid the issue is not going to help us move past them. We have to make sustained, sincere efforts.

Plenty of guidance and assistance is available from the Divine and the Rishis to help us, at every possible occasion. It is through our efforts that we connect to these and avail them.

                                                                                            *      *      *

The past month has been amazing. Many wonderful and important energies were released during the past two eclipses in July and from ParaBrahama. It continues into this month as well. The coming Solar eclipse will expose more truths and hidden aspects— both individually and globally. They also bring answers to many queries as well as open doorways to our inner prayers.

Irrespective of how busy we are, let us find time for our Meditation and Sadhana. Balancing the demands of our busy life with our Spiritual aspect is important.

In the coming months, we shall have the presence of many Divine Personalities on the Earth. Let us make efforts through our Meditation to connect to them and absorb as much energies as possible.

These energies will cleanse various inner aspects of ours as well as our blocks and issues. They will heal and repair as well as build on the energies and Light present within. The energies also build up hope and Light within, as we battle our way through this period.

                                                                                            *      *      *

All of us go through periods of stress, some more than the others. Very few are able to tune into their Inner Peace and be in that state. It is almost as if Peace is becoming a “luxury” rather than the norm. This also begins to reflect on our positive state of mind and calmness.

The Rishis have devised a simple technique help us with this. This technique can be practice anywhere especially when we are stressed and want some calm and peace. It can also be practiced systematically when we want to work on the inner aspects of Peace.

Technique for Mental Calmness and Peace

Face North (doesn’t apply if you are practicing spontaneously)
Duration – minimum 12 minutes

Practice 12 rounds of Pranayama with bright-Green Light.

Then imagine bright Fluorescent Greenish-Golden Light coming from above ad allow this Light to fill your Brain. Then imagine the Light to fill all your thoughts too. Have a strong intent that the Light is bringing calmness and Peace and help you to de-stress. Finally imagine the Light to reduce your mental chatter and bringing stability.

Keep experiencing this. Repeat the mantra “Om Mansaya, Adi Annamayi Neela Brahmaya Namaha”

                                                                                            *      *      *

The Special Days for Meditation in August are –

11th August — Amavasya, Ashada Masa ends
Solar Eclipse — 1:32 pm to 5:01 pm IST

 The duration of the partial Solar Eclipse is from 08:02 to 11:31 GMT/UTC. This is also an important eclipse and there will be a lot of activity at the astral level. There will be anchoring of new energies and reconfiguration of the existing ones on Earth. It will be an energetic day and good for Sadhana.

The Rishis mention that new energies from all the planets of our Solar System will be channelled to Earth along with the Eclipse energies. We can also connect to the Planets and the energies during the eclipse.

Rare Spiritual opportunities too will be available during the eclipse. It would be wonderful if we could make use of the opportunity. Many important decisions about the future course of events of our 
Earth will also be planned.

We can practice the following technique during the Eclipse.

Face North
Begin with 12 rounds of Pranayama with dark-Blue Light

Then imagine dark-Blue Light and dark-Green Light coming from above and allow these energies to fill your body gradually and slowly. Keep experiencing this.

Then send the Light to your overall life and situations. Keep sending the Light and also experiencing it within throughout the entire duration.

Repeat the mantra “Om Surya Grahanaya, Prachalitha Brahmaya Namaha” silently.

15th August — Naga Panchami

This is the day when we honour the Snake God and Goddess. Snakes are very spiritual beings and they are very intimately connected to Mother Earth. On this day, after expressing our love and gratitude to these Beings, let us spend some time interacting with them.

We shall still have the influence of the Eclipse energies along with the energies released by the Snake God and Goddess— Nag Deva and Goddess Nagini. The energies will be released mainly in the areas where it is required most – refugee camps, under developed countries and places which are subjects to large natural calamities.

When we connect to these Personalities, we learn from their Wisdom, and pray for Patience, Peace of Mind, and good health. We also pray that we can connect to and deal with life more positively and with optimism.

We can practice the following technique on this day

Face North
Duration – 1 hour

Imagine bright-Golden Light coming from Lord Naga Deva and bright-Blue Light coming from Goddess Nagini and allow these to fill you and keep experiencing it throughout the entire duration.

Repeat the mantra “Om Pancha Nagaya, Shakti Tejasayai Namaha” silently.

24th August — Experiencing Goddess Mahalakshmi

An amsha of Goddess Mahalakshmi will be present on Earth from the 24th till the 2nd of September. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to connect with Her and experience her unconditional Love and energies.

During this period we can also place all our concerns and pray to Her. Also pray for your Spiritual aspects and growth. The energies of Maharshi Amara too will be available during this day. So connect to all these and sit for Meditation.

We can witness the energies vibrating within and we get charged. Goddess Mahalakshmi will also be counselling and guiding each individual personally during this period. Be open to receive messages and guidance.

We can practice the following technique from the 24th till the 2nd.

Face North-East
Duration – 1 hour

Begin with 12 rounds of Pranayama with Pink Light

Then imagine bright dark-Pink Light coming from Goddess Mahalakshmi and allow this Light to fill your physical body. Experience this light and imagine your body to be radiating and shining with this Light, as bright as possible.

Keep repeating the mantra “Om Mahalakshmiyai Namaha” silently.

25th August — Maharshi Amara Punyathiti

Maharshi Amara will be available on Earth from the 15th till the 26th. During this period he will be bringing a lot of energies and Light from Andromeda Galaxy and anchoring it on our Earth and throughout the Milky Way.

We can also connect to him easily during this period. The energies that he brings will aid in healing, nurturing, in overcoming our ego and also help us to deal with this phase of Pralaya.

On the 25th, energies of hope, Peace, and those relating to Truth and acceptance will be released. These are important and very much required in these times. Connect to them and meditate as much as possible.

Let us also express our gratitude and thanks to Maharshi Amara before we begin the Meditation. Try to spend more time in link with him. It will help each of us to grasp his Principles and Teachings better.

We can practice the following technique on the 25th and 26th.

Face North
Duration – As long as you can

Begin with 12 rounds of Pranayama with dark-Green Light

Then imagine dark-Green Light coming from Maharshi Amara and allow the Light to fill your entire body. Imagine the body to shine and radiate with the Light.

Then extend the same Light to your Astral body and imagine this also to shine and radiate with this Light.

Keep experiencing this throughout the Meditation and silently keep repeating the mantra “Om Apoorva Brahmaya, Amara Tejasayai Namaha” silently.

26th August — Purnima
                      Upakarma, Raksha Bandhan

The Full Moon day is very good for Sankalpas and prayers. This Purnima is more important for this purpose. We observe the day of Upakarma which is the day to strengthen our commitment towards righteous living and following the Spiritual values. We strengthen our spiritual pursuits and prayers. The energies present help us in this.

We can practice the following technique for Upakarma—

Face North
Duration – 1 hour (Practice only on the 26th August)

Begin with 12 rounds of Pranayama with bright-Golden Light

Imagine bright-Goldenish-Orange Light coming from above and allow this to fill you completely. Have a strong intent that the Light is energising and charging you. Then send the Light to your Sadhana and Spiritual pursuits. And imagine them to also get energised and radiate with the Light.

Repeat the mantra “Om Upakarma Bringaya, Ujwalla Brahmaya Namaha”

                                                                                            *      *      *

On this day, the function of Raksha Bandhan is also celebrated here in India which is the occasion of strengthening the bonds between a brother and sister. The Rishis mention that we can also use the occasion to protect ourselves from the darkness and negativity and indulge in Peace, Harmony and Light.

Let us also have a prayer for our Earth. Humanity is going through a turbulence and collective prayers will really help at this stage. Pray for solutions to the commotions and darkness present and that we can transit as early as possible to Satya Yuga.

We can also practice the following technique on the occasion of Raksha Bandha.

Face North
Duration – 30 to 60 minutes.

Imagine light-Purplish Pink Light coming from Lord Krishna and pass the Light to your life, and for your Peace, good health and harmony and safety throughout the World.

Imagine all these aspects to sine in the Light and keep experiencing it. There is no mantra.

                                                                                    *      *      *      *      *

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COBRA: Key to Freedom Meditation Report (15-AUG-18)

Content Source: COBRA - The Portal

Published on Wed, Aug 15, 2018.

With our meditation we have reached about 70% of the critical mass. Although all goals of the meditation have not been achieved, our accomplishments have been substantial.

The process of our meditation was reflected in these Gaia Portal messages:



With our meditation, one aspect of the deadlock that holds Earth in quarantine status has been resolved. This has triggered a cascade of clearing sequences that will last for about a month. After that time, the situation will be evaluated and a new report given.

As a result of our meditation, most anomalous plasma and plasma toplet bombs in the Near Earth orbit have been cleared. Anomalous plasma with all remaining toplet bombs now tends to gravitate towards the surface.

The head of the Yaldabaoth entity is almost completely disintegrated, with lesser plasmoid entities in rapid disintegration also.

A few more layers of toplet bombs will be removed in the coming month.

When Mjolnir has touched the surface of the planet on March 8th, the Pleiadian feet has begun with surface clearing operations. Surface clearing operations have proven to be far more difficult than expected because in vast majority of cases, the surface population is not following their spiritual guidance.

People are not following their inner guidance because they have been programmed with selfishness Archon mind program. This program gives people a distorted understanding of Nash equilibrium. People incorrectly assume that the will be better off if they only take care of themselves and exclude all others. This creates a highly entropic society that is extremely difficult to predict, because chaotic free wills of surface individuals pose a n-body problem:


Since March, the Light Forces have developed much more efficient strategies and protocols to deal with the surface population and these will be implemented as soon as the critical mass of toplet bombs is removed.

The main occult secret that the dark forces were trying to hide is that they always had a planet where they tried to accumulate the highest amount of suffering possible and that planet served as the central point of the accretion vortex for the primary anomaly of the whole universe. This planet of suffering was in the Rigel star system in the Orion constellation until 1996 Archon invasion, and then the maximum focus of suffering was transferred to Earth and since 1996, Earth is at the central point of the primary anomaly accretion vortex for the universe.

Earth-based dark forces tried to redirect the primary dark plasma flux from Orion to our solar system and especially to planet Earth with the Nazi concentration camps pentagram of evil during World War 2, with nuclear explosions after World War 2, with trauma-based mind programming in underground military bases since 1960s, with Draco infiltration into our Solar system through the Solar Warden secret space program front also since 1960s, and were finally successful when they opened a dark wormhole portal between Earth and Rigel in early 1996 after the Rwanda genocide of 1994.

Since then, primary dark plasma and dark anomaly flux is flowing towards the surface of the Earth. The energy of Al Nilam stargate and the White Fire of AN is the antidote to this flux. For this reason, our meditation was successful in finally beginning to address the root of all evil and started the process of removing it from the universe forever.

Since our meditation, Galactic Command forces have started the next phase of the planetary liberation and now have a very strong presence in our Solar System that is relatively accurately described here:


Galactic Command forces in our Solar System are comprised of:

1.Jupiter Command, located in the outer Solar System beyond the asteroid belt with the primary purpose of processing all negative entities that get cleared from the Earth quarantine through the Ganymede sorting facility towards the Galactic Central Sun.

2. Ashtar Command, located in the inner Solar System with the primary purpose of liberating planet Earth.

3. Atlantis Command, about which nothing can be said.

Many years ago, Ashtar Command has given quite accurate guidance for the Ascension process through a channel named Eric Klein. Here are the recordings of those channeling sessions that were given to us trough a contact inside the Brotherhood of the Star:



The next few weeks will determine many details of the final intervention and liberation plan, and therefore you can sign this petition if you feel so guided, to make our voice heard:


Here are instructions for people in China how to sign the petition:


The Light Forces have requested to replace Weekly Ascension Meditation with our new Key to Freedom Meditation, as our new meditation is much more focused on the real issue and will have a much greater effect on the planetary liberation.

We will be doing this meditation each Sunday at 3 pm UTC. Instructions are here:


The Light Forces have communicated that there might (or might not) be a second planetary Key to Freedom mass meditation coming in a few months. We are hoping that the critical mass can be reached then.

Victory of the Light!


Original article link: http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2018/08/key-to-freedom-meditation-report.html

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'Halfway There' by Soundgarden (Song, Video)

Content Source: Soundgarden


I woke up with my feet nailed down
And my head moving the speed of sound
Had a dream I was caught in a maze
And I couldn't find my way back out

Some were born to move mountains around
And some to rot away in jail
I get an itch and when I am scratching
Everything can go to hell

And how far is halfway there?
I didn't see you on the trail
Did almost become good enough?
Should a good life be so hard won?
Is that what our dreams have become?

Sometimes when you're shooting an arrow
It can fly across the sky so proud
I would go all the way to the sun
If I didn't have to come back down

And how far is halfway there?
I didn't see you on the trail
Did almost become good enough?
Should a good life be so hard won?
Is that what our dreams have become?

Have become

Have you got a car?
And somewhere to sleep?
Someone who loves you?
Something to eat?
I would say you're doing better than most
Though maybe not as well as some

And how far is halfway there?
I didn't see you on the trail
Did almost become good enough?
Should a good life be so hard won?
Is that what our dreams have become?
Is that what our dreams have become?


Songwriter: Chris Cornell

Lyrics source: https://genius.com/Soundgarden-halfway-there-lyrics

'Things behind the Sun' by Nick Drake (Song)


Please beware of them that stare
They'll only smile to see you while your time away
And once you've seen what they have been
To win the earth just won't seem worth your night or your day
Who'll hear what I say?

Look around, you'll find the ground
Is not so far from where you are, but don't be too wise
For down below they never grow
They're always tired and charms are hired from out of their eyes
Never a surprise

Take your time and you'll be fine
And say a prayer for people there
Who live on the floor
And if you see what's meant to be
Don't name the day or try to say
It happened before

Don't be shy, you learn to fly
And see the sun when day is done, if only you see
Just what you are beneath a star
That came to say one rainy day in autumn for free
Yes, be what you'll be

Please beware of them that stare
They'll only smile to see you while your time away
And once you've seen what they have been
To win the earth just won't seem worth your night or your day
Who'll hear what I say?

Open up the broken cup
Let goodly sin and sunshine in
Yes, that's day
And open wide the hymns you hide
You find renown while people frown
At things that you say
But say what you'll say

About the farmers and the fun
And the things behind the sun
And the people around your head
Who say everything's been said
And the movement in your brain
Sends you out into the rain


Songwriter: Nick Drake (RIP)

Lyrics source: https://genius.com/Nick-drake-things-behind-the-sun-lyrics

'Love Like We Do' by Edie Brickell & New Bohemians (Song, Video)

Video Source: EBNewBohemiansVEVO


Life is better than the days behind
What's mine is yours, and what's yours is mine,
No aggravation that we can't get through
A situation for the lucky few

And everyday is just a little more
Of time together to be happy for
I'm happy even when the times are rough
'Cause any time with you is good enough

When we love like we do
Love like we do

I don't believe in hatred anymore
I hate to think of how I felt before
When anger overwhelms your very soul
It's hard to realize you'll ever know

When we love like we do
Love like we do
Love like we do
Love like we do

Life is better than the days behind
What's mine is yours, and what's yours is mine,
No aggravation that we can't get through
A situation for the lucky few

When we love like we do
Love like we do
Love like we do
Love like we do
Love like we do
Love like we do
Love like we do
Love like we do

Oh, love love
Oh, oooh, love love


Lyrics source: https://www.lyrics.com/lyric/2522356/Love+Like+We+Do

Saturday, 11 August 2018

COBRA: Key to Freedom Meditation Final Update

Source: The Portal (COBRA)

Time is approaching for our Key to Freedom Meditation and the energies are rising as more and more people has made a decision to join us and we are gaining momentum. We have a real possibility of reaching the critical mass.

Next 12 hours will be decisive for how many people join us and how much impact or meditation will have on the planetary situation. Therefore I would ask all of you to spread the news about this meditation far and wide. Youtube videos are the easiest way to make this viral and many short version promotional videos and longer guided meditation videos have been created in 31 languages:


There are many thousands of people visiting this blog daily and most have facebook profiles, averaging a few hundred friends. Therefore many thousands of people can be invited to the facebook event for our meditation:


Or join the main facebook group for our meditation:


The poster for the Key to Freedom Meditation with all instructions can also help to make this meditation viral:

An interactive Key to Freedom Meditation app with simplified instructions is available here:

The link to the main Key to Freedom Meditation article is here:

Let's do this! 
Victory of the Light!