'Ogawayama: A Rock Climber's Paradise' - Journeys In Japan (NHK World program), Time-sensitive - VOD available only until 07-FEB-18 (JST)

Quoting from the introduction to the program on the NHK World VOD (Video On Demand) site:

Ogawayama (Mount Ogawa) is known as a "rock climber's paradise." Located near Kawakami Village in Nagano Prefecture, it takes about three hours to reach from Tokyo by car.

The mountain is popular for having climbing spots located near its main base. The closest is only minutes away, while the farthest is only about an hour's walk.

On this edition of Journeys in Japan we introduce the appeal of Ogawayama rock climbing, including bouldering. Our reporter Cveto Podlogar takes on the longest climbing route of Ogawayama, called "Eboshi Iwa Sa Ryosen." The route affords the thrill of heights and magnificent views along the way. 

After much climbing, Cveto enjoys creature comforts-he's glamping, Japanese-style.

The video can be accessed at the NHK VOD site at this link:


Note: This video is only available until February 7, 2018

Ogawayama Layback (Photo credit: www3.nhk.or.jp)

Eboshi Iwa Sa Ryosen (Photo credit: www3.nhk.or.jp)

The highlights of this journey including a Travel log, will however still be available (after the video is taken offline) and can be read at: