'Mt. Hotaka: Climbing to the Roof of Japan' - Journeys In Japan (NHK World program), Time-sensitive - VOD available only until 17-AUG-18 (JST)

Quoting from the introduction to the program on the NHK World VOD (Video On Demand) site:

The Northern Alps range is often called "the roof of Japan." It is an area of great scenic beauty, offering superb views and unspoiled natural landscapes. Its highest peak is Mt. Hotaka, rising 3,190 meters above sea level, which stands at the heart of a national park that is the habitat for many species of wild animals, including the Japanese macaque.

Kamikochi is the gateway to the mountain. It is a popular destination for hikers and other visitors. It was discovered by Walter Weston, a British missionary to Japan, who popularized recreational climbing in the nearby mountains in the late 19th century. As the birthplace of modern alpinism in Japan, this area remains a major center for sports climbing.

On this edition of "Journeys in Japan," Cveto Podlogar sets off to climb to the snow-clad peak of Mt. Hotaka. He enjoys spectacular scenery during the day and skies ablaze with stars at night. He also stays at lodges along the way and talks with people deeply rooted in their love of climbing and the magnificent mountain.

Cveto Podlogar is an experienced climber and an international mountain guide certified by the UIGM and officially recognized by the Alpine Guide Society of Japan.

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Note: This video is only available until August 17, 2018

Karasawa Hütte (Photo credit: www3.nhk.or.jp)

Mt. Hotaka Mountain Lodge (Photo credit: www3.nhk.or.jp)

The highlights of this journey including a Travel log, will however still be available (after the video is taken offline) and can be read at: