What Partial Disclosure Looks Like - Don't Be Fooled ! (Video, Animation)

Quoting from the introduction to this video:

Recent News articles inspired this video. Everything indicates we are now heading towards a Partial Disclosure of some sort. I might be mistaken of course, but if it happens there will be Forces at stake to expose the Bigger Picture. 

Full Disclosure is what we want and we won't be fooled by superficial pieces of truth. Our responsibility during such a sensitive time period would be to share what we have learned about the E.T reality, to ask the right questions, be very critical and to COOPERATE despite our differences.

May the Truth be with you! Special thanks to my friend Jonathan Carthy who inspired this project. And if you are wondering what the heck you (did) just watched, well, you're probably right :)

Music : Duel Of The Fates - Star Wars
Video Credits : Rafael Fuentes

Original content source: Arbre Solaire