The Battle of Imphal - A Chronicle of Horror - Part 2: Retreat from Hell (NHK Documentary), Time-sensitive - VOD available only until 23-JAN-18 - JST

Quoting from the introduction to Part 2 of this documentary on the NHK World TV VOD site:

As the "three-week decisive battle" envisioned by army top brass extended into months, the Japanese troops taking part in the "Battle of Imphal" soon realized they were in trouble.Disease and starvation set in when supplies and reinforcements failed to arrive.

When the retreat order was given in July 1944, the real suffering still lay ahead. Completely cut off from provisions, survivors trudged through the wettest area on earth. 60% of the 30000 who perished, died after the operation was called off.

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Note: This video is only available until January 23, 2018 (JST)

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