Sophia 2.0 is Here! Hanson Robotics Releases The Future of Humanoid Robots (Video) - With my Comments

Are our leaders & institutions acknowledging their incompetence and abdicating their responsibility by handing over decision making on the future of humanity to intelligent robots/AI ?

It is chilling to see the likes of Dr. David Hanson (of Hanson Robotics, the creator of Sophia) in his presentation at the United Nations, present his vision of the role of AI in our future and state multiple times about Robots becoming 'alive' and the need to inculcate kindness and other human values into their basic working mind/algorithms before they become 'alive'.

Already we have Google and Facebook algorithms censoring and de-ranking content deemed by their standards to be detrimental for general public viewing & well-being. So what is to prevent Sophia or other AI robots or worse still an AI Hive Mind from not only censoring any content critical of AI but also from adopting punitive measures to remove any threat to its existence.

Throw into this mix the deployment of 5G networks, Smart Devices and the 'Internet of Things' and we might as well hand over willingly what little freedom we have left and enlist ourselves for perpetual enslavement.

Video Source credit: The WTF Files