Thursday, 12 October 2017

'Yatsugatake: Outdoor Winter Play' - Journeys In Japan (NHK World program, Video)

Quoting from the introduction to the program on the NHK World VOD site:

The Yatsugatake mountain range-just 150 kilometers west of Tokyo-is a convenient destination for outdoor winters sports. Ice climbing is one of its popular attractions. Beginners can even get in practice on an artificial ice wall near a mountain hut before taking on the area's many waterfalls.

On Journeys in Japan we practice ice climbing and head to the summit of Yatsugatake's highest mountain, Mt. Akadake (2,899 m), passing through a ravine with a series of frozen waterfalls. 

Cveto Podlogar is an experienced alpinist who has scaled numerous peaks around the world. He is not only our reporter, but also our guide to the area's fantastic ice climbing and snow trekking.

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This video can also be accessed at the NHK VOD (Video On Demand) site at this link (only until December 6, 2017) :

Mt. Akadake. (Photo credit:

Jogo Ravine. (Photo credit:

The highlights of this journey including a Travel log, can be read at:

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