Thursday, 12 October 2017

'Sacred Mt. Ishizuchi: Autumn Trekking' - Journeys In Japan (NHK World program, Video)

Quoting from the introduction to the program on the NHK World VOD site:

At a height of 1,982 meters, Mt. Ishizuchi is the tallest peak in western Japan. It takes about three and a half hours to the summit if you board the ropeway for part of the journey. During the fall season many people hike up to view the autumn leaves.

Mt. Ishizuchi has been revered as sacred since ancient times. Mountain ascetics worship here to this day. It is also called "the mountain of life" by neighboring residents.

At the foot of the mountain lies Saijo City, where its plains' annual rainfall registers only 1,400 millimeters. But the rainfall on Mt. Ishizuchi is two to three times that amount, most of which flows into the city. The rich groundwater is said to rank among the tastiest in Japan. There are many public water fountains in Saijo.

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Mt. Ishizuchi. (Photo credit:

Iron Chain Climb (Kusariba). (Photo credit:

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