Wednesday, 18 October 2017

'Monobe, Kochi: Tales from the Magical Mountain Hamlet' - Journeys In Japan (NHK World program)

Updated: 25-AUG-18.

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Quoting from the introduction to the program on the NHK World VOD site:

In the mountain village of Monobe, located in eastern Kochi Prefecture, a folk belief called Izanagi-ryu has been passed down for generations. Izanagi-ryu harmoniously blends elements of Shintoism, Buddhism and folk religions in a rare style of prayer.

Traveler Alessandra Lupi discovers the world of this mysterious belief system. She visits the residence of a tayu; tayu are mentors or leaders of Izanagi-ryu. And, she learns about its religious art and how to make a ritual paper tool called gohei. She also gets to study its Mai Kagura ritual dance. Gradually, after a walk along an ancient Salt Road and farmhouse inn stay, Alessandra gets a sense of how Izanagi-ryu plays an organic role in the rural community.


Some images from the video:

Monobe. (Photo credit:

Salt Road Walk. (Photo credit:

The highlights of this journey including a Travel log, can be read at:

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