Saturday, 30 September 2017

Human Farming Has Come To Its End (Video)

Quoting from the introduction to this video:

The Machiavellian system in which we live today would be glorified as the "the most free and most progressive social accordance" by the mass media, which we could imagine. And yet not one single word is at odds with the truth, what the mass media as a modern priestly caste is preaching concerning this. 

A lot of people become increasingly aware that we’re dealing with a form of modern slavery, in which the individual exploitation takes place through a modern and perfected system of highway robbery, which has all features of a tax- tyranny, in which the government and its bloated machinery of useless officials have declared the citizens to be outlaws in a perverted "Robin Hood"- style. 

The oppressed people are considered to be milking cows, who are meant to be lied to and exploited by every trick in the book. 

This text (from a German author named 'Hopi') brings some light into the darkness and lifts the veil from the toxic achievements, and the barrels of liquid manure, which are day by day readily presented as "free achievements" in this fiction- industry of universal deceit. 

In this text the author points out, that the era of this kind of tyranny slowly comes to an end, and that the pinnacle of this system of universal deceit will see its dissolution as well. We as people have a natural right to disagree with this speaking bags, claquers and accomplices of globalisation. 

We tried to portray this eye-opening and likewise liberating text as a creative art venture of MOYO Film with the help of Paul Breuer's translation also in a version in english language.

Source credit: dieZuversicht

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