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Opinion: Public perception of Putin clouded by Mainstream media propaganda

The common person's perception (in the Western world and other US/UK influenced/English speaking portion of the Eastern world) of Russian President Vladimir Putin is clouded by Mainstream media's biased coverage, propaganda and demonisation.

The email below that I sent to a petitioner in response to an email invite to sign a petition, is an example of this attitude. The original petition email and the content of the petition are also reproduced to reinforce my case (there is no evidence offered to support the assertion that "Putin wants men to beat their wives!").

from: yyyyy yyyyy <>
date: Fri, Jan 27, 2017 at 2:22 PM
subject: Re: Putin wants men to beat their wives. Sign the petition!

"Hi xxxxxxxx,

I'm not sure if my reply is to an un-monitored automated mailbox.

I do not see any information provided in the content of the petition to warrant the Subject of the email (that I received regarding the petition) to be labelled as:  "Putin wants men to beat their wives....".

This is reminiscent of Mainstream Media propaganda and not an objective assessment of the scenario. Would Obama have been labelled in a similar manner if a US Congress member/representative sponsored a bill that set back women's rights (which Congress had passed) and was waiting for final approval of the President?

However the Title of the petition ("Russia: Don't Decriminalize Domestic Abuse") is fair.


yyyyy yyyyy"

Petition invite email:

"A man beating his wife is less offensive than when a woman humiliates a man." Those words belong to a Russian Member of Parliament who recently introduced a bill to decriminalize violence in the home. And it completely ignores the fact that every forty-four minutes, a woman in Russia dies from domestic assault.

Demand that Russia protects survivors. Sign the petition to oppose decriminalizing domestic abuse!

The bill has been nicknamed the "slapping law," and its supporters say it's about protecting traditional family values and ending state inference in the home. After more than eighty-five percent of the lower house of Parliament voted to approve the bill, it's looking more and more likely that Putin will sign it into law. But this measure would not strengthen families. Instead, it would give abusers the freedom to terrorize their families without repercussion.

The new legislation would reclassify a first violent incident as an administrative offense – and not a crime. This could mean that some abusers would face only fines or community service time, rather than prison. In a country where 36,000 husbands beat their wives daily and 12,000 women die from domestic abuse each year, this bill is a serious threat to women's safety and wellbeing. And it doesn't just apply to violence against women. It also applies to children.

We cannot let this legislation move forward without making our voices heard. We must stand up today for the tens of thousands of women and children suffering from domestic violence in Russia and around the world. Sign the petition today to show that you reject the "slapping law"!

Thank you for all that you do,.......

Content of Petition:

"Russia is considering the unthinkable: decriminalizing domestic abuse! The new bill that is being discussed in parliament right now would have a first offence, that doesn't cause serious injury to the victim to be an administrative offence rather than a criminal one.

This horrible proposal threatens all women who are victims of domestic violence and puts the country back decades in the fight for women's rights. In a country where 36000 women are beaten daily and 12000 die annually due to domestic abuse, this bill is a serious threat to women's safety and wellbeing.

This is completely unacceptable. Women have the right to live without the threat or reality of violence and must be protected from domestic violence.

Luckily, you can help! Sign today to send a strong message to the Russian Duma to let them know that women's safety and well being are incredibly important and that the world is watching and will not stand idly by and watch women's rights be eroded."

Petition letter:

"To The Russian Duma, 

As someone who cares greatly for women's rights, I am deeply concerned about the recent proposal to decriminalize first offences that do not result in serious injuries in domestic violence cases. 

Domestic violence, whether it causes serious injury or not, whether it is a first offence or not, causes deep psychological damage to the victim and must remain criminalized. This proposal is backwards thinking that will only weaken the rights and safety of women in Russia. 

Russia has come a long way in its battle for women's rights and has a long way to go still. However, this proposal would put it so much further back and disregard current research and information regarding women's health and the effects of domestic violence. 

I urge you to vote down this proposed bill immediately and protect women's rights......"

Petition link:

Update 2 (on Jan 4, 2020). Adding a screen shot and doc ref, since I see that the original snapshot (in Update 1) is not been displayed properly sometimes.

NCADV Fact Sheet (as shown on Jan 4, 2020)

Original doc ref:

Update 1:

I don't want to get you started on a Russia bashing trip, so here is a snapshot & link to statistics of domestic violence in the USA. The bottom line is that, domestic violence is a significant problem in many parts of the world, including my own country, India.


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