Saturday, 28 January 2017

A Simple Act of Kindness and going beyond the Call of Duty

Source: Facebook post by Nirmala Rajesh, on January 26, 2017.

"Hat's off and a big salute to the K G Halli traffic police officer Mr. Narayan K, ASI. Yesterday night I was riding back home from office. I was stuck near to TV tower when my scooter's fuel had exhausted. Without any other option I was waiting for my husband to reach me with fuel. Meanwhile Mr. Narayan was passing through & enquired about my waiting at lonely place. Then he advised that it's not safe to wait at that location and he gave his scooter, asked me reach Mekri circle as its better & safe place. He himself pushed my vehicle till the circle, meanwhile my husband came with fuel and we were able to reach home safely. Mr. Narayan has set another example that POLICE are POLITE and a FRIEND too....please share this and help to get maximum like for dedicated COPS."

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