Monday, 12 September 2016

Petition - "Government of Spain: Stop The Cruel Slaughter of Young Calves in Spanish Fiestas"

I had watched with trepidation the video (link is in the petition) of the slaughter of a Calf in a bull ring and it was heartbreaking to see the poor Calf vomiting copious amounts of blood. So please be warned if you intend to watch the extremely graphic video.

Please do read the petition and sign it, it is the least we can do to change such traditions. Thank you!!

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Paraphrasing from the introduction to the petition:

"A few days ago several activists of PACMA, the Spanish animal party, recorded a terrible video that has been shown all around the world. It was a "becerrada" held in the town of Valmojado, a "celebration" where local young people fight calves that are less than two years old, torturing them with sharp “banderillas”, finishing them off with a sword that is longer than the animal itself and mutilating them by cutting off ears and tail, often while they are still alive."

Note: The video was uploaded to YouTube on 23-AUG-16, so this is a current ongoing practice.

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