Wednesday, 31 August 2016

'Forbidden Archeology' : Hidden Archaeological Discoveries (YouTube Video)

This video is a presentation made by researcher Michael Cremo (who along with co-author Richard Thompson, published in 1993 the underground Classic book, 'Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of The Human Race') on hidden Archaeological discoveries around the world.

The majority of Mainstream Archaeologists have been skeptical about this book, but then again in the over 900 pages, the documentation and analysis on the physical evidence is so comprehensive and overwhelming (to the belief system that we have grown up with). If Experts cannot be objective, overcome their bias and relinquish their belief system, then maybe it is time for us (the common man) to do our own research and form our own opinion.

Quoting from the Introduction to this video (by the YouTube Channel, EsotericHaven):

"Is the true history of planet earth being suppressed? There are many archaeological finds which don't get recognized because they don't fit into the official establishment record of how life on earth evolved. Why is this? What are they trying to keep hidden?

The case of author Michael Cremo is well documented, his book Forbidden Archeology examines many previously ignored examples of artifacts that prove modern man's antiquity far exceeds the age given in accepted chronologies."

For an abridged (and more affordable) version on the above subject, please read the book - 'The Hidden History of the Human Race (The Condensed Edition of Forbidden Archeology)' by Michael A.Cremo and Richard L.Thompson, published in 1999:

For more information on Michael Cremo:

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