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#Aleppo Boy: Ash-covered Child Brings Home Horror of Syrian War to The World (Graphic Video, Photos) - from RT (18-AUG-16)

Images of Omran Daqneesh, the little 5 year old boy who was injured in Aleppo in mid-Aug, were widely circulated in the Main stream Media to paint a picture of Syrian Govt. atrocities and inhumanity. What is the reality in Syria, who are the aggressors/oppressors?

This article provides some insight, but to gain a complete perspective would need an understanding of the overall Middle Eastern situation including the grossly un-reported war in Yemen (see links to additional articles below). As for Western Main stream Media bias, the less said the better.

Image Credit: AMC/AFP

Image Credit: Khaled Abdullah/Reuters

‘Made In USA’: 3 Key Signs That Point To Washington’s Hand In Brazil’s ‘Coup’ - from RT (18-MAY-16)

Article and videos:

Image Credit: Ueslei Marcelino/Reuters

The Future's So Bright (I Gotta Wear Shades) - Timbuk 3 (Song, YouTube Video)

With all the influx of Cosmic energies and the intensifying Solar activity, I'm reminded of this song:

For today's update on Space & Solar Weather:

'Forbidden Archeology' : Hidden Archaeological Discoveries (YouTube Video)

This video is a presentation made by researcher Michael Cremo (who along with co-author Richard Thompson, published in 1993 the underground Classic book, 'Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of The Human Race') on hidden Archaeological discoveries around the world.

The majority of Mainstream Archaeologists have been skeptical about this book, but then again in the over 900 pages, the documentation and analysis on the physical evidence is so comprehensive and overwhelming (to the belief system that we have grown up with). If Experts cannot be objective, overcome their bias and relinquish their belief system, then maybe it is time for us (the common man) to do our own research and form our own opinion.

Quoting from the Introduction to this video (by the YouTube Channel, EsotericHaven):

"Is the true history of planet earth being suppressed? There are many archaeological finds which don't get recognized because they don't fit into the official establishment record of how life on earth evolved. Why is this? What are they trying to keep hidden?

The case of author Michael Cremo is well documented, his book Forbidden Archeology examines many previously ignored examples of artifacts that prove modern man's antiquity far exceeds the age given in accepted chronologies."

For an abridged (and more affordable) version on the above subject, please read the book - 'The Hidden History of the Human Race (The Condensed Edition of Forbidden Archeology)' by Michael A.Cremo and Richard L.Thompson, published in 1999:

For more information on Michael Cremo:

The Media Can Legally Lie, Here's the Proof | In 2003, "Fox lawyers argued it was their first amendment right to report false information" – and Won! (23-MAY-16)

Wikipedia: Captured By Skeptics

Quoting from the below article:

"Although Wikipedia’s official policy is that articles should represent a neutral point of view, skeptics have infiltrated the administration of Wikipedia and have managed to get parapsychology defined as a pseudoscience, along with many aspects of alternative and complementary medicine. The skeptic teams then claim that any editor opposing them is contravening the neutral point of view policy, because these subjects are defined as pseudoscience. These teams are committed to a kind of scientific fundamentalism, and take an extremely narrow view of science, even narrower than that of more mainstream skeptical organizations."

Updated: The Hidden History of Human Origins (Video)

Updated on 23-Nov-17: Since the original video has been deleted, I've linked to another video (which is rather provocatively titled Everything You Know is Wrong) which should stay online since it the YouTube channel of the Speaker/Presenter.

This video is an old presentation by the Researcher, Lloyd Pye (1946-2013) who was of the opinion that the Darwinian Theory of Evolution was flawed, especially on the Origins of Human Beings. The evidence he presents is compelling.

Quoting from the Introduction to one of the videos (now offline) of this lecture given by Lloyd Pye credit: 'Zohar'):

"The origin of life, particularly human life, is one of today’s most intensely debated subjects. Ironically, that debate has only two socially acceptable sides: Darwinism and Creationism. Darwinists support the detailed observations and speculations of a brilliant naturalist, while Creationists support the various interpreters of the Bible’s scriptural teachings. Despite the passion and intellect exhibited by both sides as they defend their positions, millions of people remain unconvinced by the arguments of either. For those individuals, it is time to present a viable, comprehensive, third option:

Pye argues how a possible alien intervention might have resulted in a sharp 'evolutionary' jump which ultimately resulted in what we call humans. Do we really stam (sic) from apes and similar creatures or are they a completely separate species and have little or even no relation to us whatsoever? While resemblance seems obvious at first sight (especially after years of indoctrination that humans came from apes), the vast difference is not only present in the way we look outside but how we are structured inside, especially on the genetic level."

For more information on Lloyd Pye:

Can Storage of Food & Water in Plastic Containers be Harmful to our Health?

An Alternative opinion on the harm caused by the widespread usage of Plastic.

A Rational Nation Ruled By Science Would Be A Terrible Idea - from New Scientist (6-JUL-16)

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Image Credit: I. Glory/Alamy Stock Photo

July Was Bad News But I’m Fine – So Why Do I Feel So Terrible? - from New Scientist (2-AUG-16)

Our Biases Get In The Way of Understanding Human Behaviour - from New Scientist

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New Scientist - Metaphysics special: Philosophy’s biggest questions unravelled

It is heartening to see a Main Stream Science Magazine explore Metaphysical questions such as: 'What is Consciousness?', 'What is the Meaning of Life?', 'Do we have Free Will?' etc.,

Note: You may need to create and login to a free account to access the initial content. The individual articles are  'Premium Content' and require a paid subscription.

Do We Need To Rein In Facebook and Google’s Power? - from New Scientist

Quoting from the 'New Scientist' article (you many need to create & login to a free account to read this article):

"The power of global information companies has raced ahead of society's ability to hold them to account. Is it possible to take back control?"

VRM: First Strike - The Dark Side of The Vitamin K Shot

Stop Using White Sugar, Sugar is a Hell of Drug

The Kids Are Alright – If You Leave Them Alone - from New Scientist

Quoting from the 'New Scientist' article:

"Has raising children turned into stressful, obsessive work in the hands of middle-class Western parents? Two new books explore this troubled territory"


This is from the recent Post by Cobra on 'The Portal' with additional photos from Shem El-Jamal which should help with visualisation during the Meditation.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

The SECRET strategy to create a new system: TPP, TTIP, TISA (YouTube Video)

We may often wonder about the economic situation, rising prices and dwell on the feeling of helplessness to make any difference. Well what if we found out how Economic/Trade decisions & Treaties (with far reaching consequences), that are normally done behind our backs, are really agreed upon & implemented. Will we then stand up for our rights and do something about it, like for starters spreading the information (which is for the most part, under-reported in the Main Stream Media)?

There are 3 Global Trade Agreements (TPP, TTIP, TISA) been secretly negotiated by Multi National Corporations with minimal involvement of the Elected Government representatives of the Nations that will be a party to these Trade Agreements. What is also astounding, is that 3 of the World's largest Nations and Economies - China, India and Brazil are excluded from these Agreements.

Please spare 10 mins and watch this video!

Avoiding the Sun's Rays is a Misinformed Trend Causing Global Rise in Cancer

The Pros and Cons of Public Speaking as exemplified by Hillary Clinton (YouTube Video)

Over 10 mins of excerpts of interviews & speeches of Hillary Clinton where she can be seen to be consistently flip-flopping/taking contrary positions on policy positions and recollection of her actions. There is another word which can be used to describe such behavior, but I will be gracious and let the video speak for itself.

'Anonymous' - Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal (YouTube Video)

A compilation of charges against Hillary Clinton, very compelling.

'Anonymous' - Message to the Citizens of America (YouTube Video)

After the below message from 'Anonymous', this video also has excerpts from the past speeches of Leaders/Personalities on (the subject of) Shadow Government/Military Industrial Complex.

Quoting from the YouTube post (25-JUN-16) by 'Anonymous' (reformatted for easier reading):

“Greetings world, We are Anonymous.

We were originally planning to release this particular message if Trump was to become president of the United States. But we later realized, that whoever does become president, whether its Trump, Sanders, or Hillary Clinton. In the end, nothing will stop us, or the citizens of the United States from the inevitable. Be it state wide uprisings, mass protests, or revolution.

If America ever does have a revolution, be it one of blood, we will survive the eve and end of Spring. We will survive the eve and end of Summer. We will survive the eve and end of Autumn. We will survive the eve and end of Winter. But at what cost? A violent revolution will only destroy the very fabric the founding fathers fought and struggled so indefatigable (sic) to place. However, if America has a bloodless revolution, not only will it unite the masses, the citizens of other nations will see this as a possible, and realistic choice. If the citizens of the United States do decidedly deploy a bloodless revolution, what will stop the citizens from other countries from rising up to their own petty system?

By no means is this a call to arms, nor are we declaring war against the United States government. We are only conveying a message to the masses. The citizens of America, like others who have rose up against the system, are tenacious for justice. And as we all know, America's policies affect the globe on a grand stage.

But one has to question, what event, decision, or action will the U.S. government take which will alert the masses of the corrupted body that is the U.S. government? Who will lead this revolution? Who will counter it? Will we have a revolution of betrayal and of power struggle like the lost revolutions in the Arab world?

Many will not bother to contemplate this and will only find it as naive and ludicrous. Some will go far as to say that revolutions will never exist anymore. Is a revolution in America truly needed right now? The answer lies within you if it does or does not…..”

'Anonymous' - We Are Uniting Humanity (YouTube Video)

Quoting from the YouTube post by 'Anonymous':

“The downfall of the attempts of governments and leaders to unite mankind is found in this- in the wrong message that we should see everyone as the same. This is the root of the failure of harmony. Because the truth is, we should not all see everyone as the same! We are not the same! We are made of different colours and we have different cultures. We are all different! But the key to this door is to look at these differences, respect these differences, learn from and about these differences, and grow in and with these differences. We are all different. We are not the same. But that's beautiful. And that's okay.

In the quest for unity and peace, we cannot blind ourselves and expect to be all the same. Because in this, we all have an underlying belief that everyone should be the same as us at some point. We are not on a journey to become the same or to be the same. But we are on a journey to see that in all of our differences, that is what makes us beautiful as a human race, and if we are ever to grow, we ought to learn and always learn some more.”

― C. JoyBell C.

'Anonymous' - The Time To Unplug Is Now - Operation Matrix (YouTube Video)

A message from 'Anonymous' cautioning that many in the Awakening movement & Alternative media are slipping into the same bias and lack of objectivity, that we accuse the MSM (Main Stream Media) of and the danger of tarring every individual in the System with the same brush.

Has Drug-Driven Medicine Become A Form of Human Sacrifice?

Cosmic Disclosure: On the Other Side of the Veil of Secrecy (Transcript - Season 5, Episode 16)

The Dirty Business of U.S. ‘Think Tanks’

Can Electronic Voting Machines Be Tampered With Or Hacked? A Princeton Professor's Evaluation

Sexual Transmission of Psychic Energy and Entities

We Will Hold the Vision as Long as it Takes

‘I Am Not Responsible’: The Delusion

Facebook is Categorizing You Politically — Here’s How to See What They Think of You

Corey Goode Intel Update Part 2 - 22-AUG-16

'Anonymous' - The Truth About World War III (YouTube Video)

A covert World War is been waged through many means against Russia, China and other Eastern Nations, by the US & other Allied Western Governments orchestrated by the Elite/Cabal.

An Alternative Perspective on Freedom, Law & Government (YouTube Video)

Are we absolving ourselves of responsibility for our welfare by blaming the Government? It maybe worth taking a good hard look at ourselves.

video source: The YouTube channel - 'TheAnonMessage'

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Zika Psyop to Justify Releasing Millions of Bill Gates' GM Mosquitoes in Florida (YouTube Video)

Manufactured Civil Unrest and Regime Change: Is America Next? (YouTube Video)

The Great Indian Hedge - Shame of the British Empire

It may not be commonly known by current and maybe even previous generations of Indians (those born after 1900), that we had an artificial barrier about 4,000 Kms long built by the British in the mid 1800's  stretching from Punjab to Orissa.

On the Dark Side in Al Doura - A Soldier in the Shadows - Documentary (YouTube Video)

Quoting from the original post on YouTube:

"WARNING: Graphic and disturbing photos between 38:47 and 40:00.

U.S. Army Ranger John Needham, who was awarded two purple hearts and three medals for heroism, wrote to military authorities in 2007 reporting war crimes that he witnessed being committed by his own command and fellow soldiers in Al Doura, Iraq. His charges were supported by atrocity photos which, in the public interest, are now released in this video. John paid a terrible price for his opposition to these acts. His story is tragic.

CBS reported obtaining an Army document from the Criminal Investigation Command suggestive of an investigation into these war crimes allegations. The Army's conclusion was that the "offense of War Crimes did not occur." However, CBS also stated that the report was "redacted and incomplete; 111 pages were withheld."

This video is placed with the context of Vice President, Dick Cheney, insistence that this nation's efforts "must go to the dark side;" which included ignoring the Geneva Conventions.

John's story is told, here, by his father, Michael Needham. It is produced in the spirit of the public interest and towards promoting justice foundational to the rule of law."

One World Governance and the Council on Foreign Relations.“We Shall have World Government… by Conquest or Consent.”

'Public are The Enemy’ of British Foreign Policy – Expert

Brazil Health Officials: Zika Virus Is NOT Responsible For Rise In Birth Defects, It’s Something Else

Friday, 19 August 2016

The Illusion of Choice - These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America - from Business Insider (JUN-12)

Though this article on the Corporate Control of Media was originally published in JUN-12 on the Business Insider, it is a vital nugget of information that begs repetition.

CLINTON CASH - Documentary (YouTube Video)

Reviewing the information on the long saga of Corruption of the Clintons can be overwhelming at times and get us frustrated on why the Main Stream Media (MSM) ignores these Stories. Then we have to gently remind ourselves that about 90% of the MSM in the US is owned by 5 or 6 Trans-National Corporations (who answer to the Elite/Cabal). Duh!!

As long as the Clintons and other Politicians of their kind on both Sides of the fictitious Divide (Conservatives v/s Liberals) do the bidding (behind the scenes, while espousing the opposite Cause in public) of the Elite/Cabal and Serve the Interests of the Military-Industrial Complex, they are immune from Prosecution & the barbs of Public opinion.

Please watch this Documentary (till the end) with an open Mind, use your Discernment and form your own Opinion (for Who are We to Judge).

Four Horsemen - Feature Documentary (YouTube Video)

Quoting Renegade Inc. :

"FOUR HORSEMEN - an award winning independent feature documentary which lifts the lid on how the world really works.

As we will never return to 'business as usual' 23 international thinkers, government advisors and Wall Street money-men break their silence and explain how to establish a moral and just society."

Jeremy Corbyn's NATO stance is a first for a Labour leader - from NewStatesman

Quoting NewStatesman:

"Corbyn's refusal to support collective defence puts him at odds with all of his predecessors."

Petition - USDA: Support Farmers Who Want to Go Organic - Provide a Certification Label for Transitioning Organic Farms!

Rainbow Cake Mountains Show Stunning Slices of Colour - on New Scientist

Sri Arunachaleswarar Temple complex, Tiruvannamalai - Panoramic 360 degrees Views

Panoramic 360 views from mutliple locations within the Temple complex can be viewed at:

Corey Goode VLog Update - 17-AUG-2016 (YouTube Video)

View of Mt.Arunachala on Purnima (Full Moon Day) - FRI, 19-AUG-16 (IST)

Thursday, 18 August 2016

ISIS Fighters Are Not Islamic | Leaked ISIS Docs Show 70% of Recruits Don’t Even Know What Islam Is

Here We Go Again: TIME Just Declared Russia, Syria, And Iran The New “Axis Of Evil”

Graham Hancock’s Interview on RT's 'Going Underground' (AUG-16) (YouTube Video)

Graham Hancock's Interview on RT's 'Going Underground' (in AUG-16), covering diverse areas including Mankind's Hidden History, the constant MSM (Main Stream Media) depiction of a world full of Fear & Hate, the stifling of discussion on Consciousness/Spirit in Mainstream Materialistic ideology/public discourse etc.,

Petition - Perception Is Everything. Google: Put Palestine On Your Maps! (

Sunday, 14 August 2016

'Insignificance' by Pearl Jam (Song, Video)

For all the Civilians killed or incapacitated by Bombs (on the ground or dropped from the air by manned Planes or unmanned Drones).

Bombs,... dropping down....
Overhead,... underground...
It's wanna live.

Bombs,... dropping down,...
Please forgive,..our hometown...
In our insignificance

Updated on May 9, 2018 with new video after the earlier one was deleted:

Update on 28-SEP-16.


All in all,... it's no one's fault...
Excuses turn to carbon walls...
Blame it all on chemical intercourse.

The swallowed seeds of arrogance...
Breeding in the thoughts of ten... 
Thousand fools that fight Irreverence.

The full moon is dead skin...
The one down here's wearing thin...
So set up... the ten pins. 
As the human tide rolls in...
Like a ball that's spinning.

Bombs,... dropping down....
Overhead,... underground...
It's wanna live.

Bombs,... dropping down,... 
Please forgive,..our hometown... 
In our insignificance

Turn the jukebox up, he said...
Dancing in irreverence...
Play C-3,... let the song protest.

The plates began to shift...
Perfect lefts come rolling in...
I was alone,... and far away, hey..
When I heard the band start playin'
On the lip...late take off

Bombs,.. dropping down...
Overhead,.. underground...
It's wanna live.

Bombs,... dropping down,... 
Please forgive... our hometown...
In our insignificance

Feel like resonance of distance...
In the blood...the iron lies
It's instilled... to wanna live.

Songwriter: Eddie Vedder

'We Care A Lot' by 'Faith No More' (Song, YouTube Video)

This song by 'Faith No More' is apt in the present time of the Police/Military State.

Well it's a Dirty Job but someone's got to Do it  ;-)

'Invisible Sun' by 'The Police' (Song, YouTube Video)

The video of the song 'Invisible Sun' by 'The Police'.

In my opinion a song of Hope during desperate times.

'Cinta Mani' by 'Antoan' (Music)

This is an instrumental musical piece/song called 'Cinta Mani' created in sacred frequencies by 'Antoan' (of, from his Sound Healing CD.

Image Credit (modified screen shot):

Click on the Soundcloud link below to play the music:

The Anatomy of Propaganda – Examining Multiple Tactics of Psychological Manipulation in Media Today

A very insightful analysis of modern Propaganda in the Media today, by Shem El-Jamal of 'Discerning The Mystery'.

Conscious Life Expo - FEB-16 - David Wilcock - New Intel, The Human Evolutionary Leap, Sacred Geometry, Illuminati Secrets, and More

Here's a great eye-opening compilation on the blog 'Discerning The Mystery' of the Presentation by David Wilcock at the Conscious Life Expo in FEB 2016.

This was also the first public debut of Corey Goode where the History of the Secret Space Program was presented.

The information given in this article is truly mind-boggling and earth shaking. Please read with an open mind, use your discernment and form your own opinion.

The Educational System: A Prison By Any Other Name? (Brief Article & Video)

Why It’s So Hard for Members of the Military to Speak Out

“The Real Terrorist Was Me And The Real Terrorism Is This Occupation” | Ex U.S. Soldier (Article & Video)

The Fallacious Germ Theory

An alternative perspective on the causes of 'Dis-ease'.

Image Credit:

The GoldFish Report No. 57

GoldFish Report No.57 ExoPolitics RoundTable Part 3 “Manifesting Our New Society” - 29-JUL-16

With the Ambassador of the Red Dragon Family, COBRA, Alfred Lambremont-Webre and Capt. Max Steel.

Mastery and Manifestation

From DTM: "Mastery and Manifestation – A Lesson on the Power of Mass Consciousness, and the Key to our Divine Creativity"

Anticipating the Day of the Event

What does the Day of the Event feel like? Here is an interesting perspective from Shem El-Jamal of the blog 'Discerning The Mystery'.

The Day of the Event - A New Star is Born - An Exploration of Possibility for a Long-Awaited Moment

Prepare for Change - 'The Event'

An Introduction to the 'Prepare for Change' website, its purpose and 'The Event'


A Brief Bio of Sgt.Clifford Stone

Sergeant Clifford Stone - Brief Bio, from