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Rebecca Rose – MCC LOC Secret Space Program Cyborg Asset | Super Soldier Talk - Aug 14, 2020 (Video)

This is a live stream talk and interview of Rebecca Rose on Super Soldier Talk, which is a YT channel and talk show hosted by James Rink.This show specializes in documenting the testimonies and experiences of Super Soldiers and other experiencers/survivors who had been involved in the Secret Space Programs (SSP) and other covert secret Black-ops Projects run by the government and multi-national (interplanetary) corporations.Many of these secret programs have involved the extensive usage of MK Ultra and other Trauma-based Mind Control Programming often including SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) on young children as a means to tap into their superhuman, intuitive and psychic abilities/gifts in order to create mind controllable slaves and soldiers with multiple alters (split personalities).
Content Source/Owner: Super Soldier TalkVideo direct url 1 hr 54 minVideo Intro:Rebecca is multi-dimensional galactic experiencer working as an energy intuitive, seer a…

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