X22 Report | Ep.2317a - The [CB]s Are Doing Exactly What The Patriots Want Them To Do | Financial Update | Nov 1, 2020 (Video)

The YouTube channel of X22 Report had been censored (terminated) by YouTube about a month or two ago, hence Dave of X22 Report has been using other streaming media platforms to continue with his reports.

For Detailed Reports and Source Links to episode 2317 (both Geopolitical and Financial reports):

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Duration: ~ 16 min


Financial Update

Report date: 11.01.2020

The patriots have control over the economy, the [DS]/[CB] are now lost in their own narrative and nobody is buying what they are selling. Trump has prepared the economy, the [CB] are now proceeding with their plan, this is what the patriots want, they are now trapped.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.