To Help Our Family And Human Brothers To Awaken | Monique Mathieu | Oct 23, 2020

This transmission was published around Nov 5, 2020.

To help our family and human brothers to awaken


“Here is what we advise you to help your family and your human brothers to awaken:

Think of all those that you love. Visualize their face and simply say these words citing their first name: “awaken, I send you all of my Light and my Love.”

Say this for all the members of your family, for all of your friends, for all those that you know, and also for all those that you pass in the street! Of course, there you will not be able to use their first name, but when you see them, emit this simple thought: “awaken, I send you all of my Light and my Love.”

When you run your errands, when you are confronted with a crowd, choose one, two, three, ten, twenty people and do this little exercise.

It is an extraordinary exercise and maybe some people whom you have asked to awaken by sending them your Light and your Love will turn towards you and smile.

It is obvious that with masks you cannot see their smiles! This is going to end! However, you can see the gratitude in their eyes. The eyes are a reflection, the window of the soul.

The wearing of a mask is going to end because there will be so many other things and centers of interest that masks will be totally secondary! But, for the moment…you are subjected to it.

We hope that you have understood a little the new work that we ask of you, this new awareness. Above all, what is important is to try to fuse with one of the higher parts of yourself. This is important for your evolution; this is important for your mission.

Therefore, offer your immense Love Light to all of your human brothers by simply telling them:

“Awaken! It is time to awaken, wake up!”

Visualize crowds of people and tell them: “Awaken, I send you all of our Love!”

Do this! Do it constantly. When you see someone, say: “Awaken, I offer you all of my Love, wake up!”

It is not necessary to say: “do not be afraid” you must not even evoke the word fear! Just simply say: “Awaken, I offer you all of my Light and all of my Love.”

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