I am Love, I am Life | Monique Mathieu | Nov 1, 2020

This transmission was published around Nov 5, 2020.

I am Love, I am Life

In a special way, we are going to diffuse the message from the Divine Mother in a classical way, and at the end we will give you a connection for listening to her through the voice of Monique Mathieu so that you can benefit from the marvelous energy that is transmitted to us.

We will do the same from time to time to allow you to experience some very powerful energies.



“I am always happy to come to you since you are Me and that I am You.

I am She who had the great happiness of manifesting myself in this place.

I am not Mary. I am the Divine Mother and I have come to tell you again that I am in everything, that I am in you.

I am also in a flower, in a tree. I am in a human being as I am in a rock.

I am Life, I am in you, you are in Me.

I come to you so that you can understand more and more that with God, my husband, I have given Life and that I continue to give Life.

You are never alone since I am in you, you have nothing to fear since I am in you.

I am Love; I am Life.

What could you fear? Fears cannot attain you because I am in you; since I am the Life; since I am Love!

From the moment where you are aware of My Presence in you, I liberate you!

I liberate you from your prisons. I liberate you from your fears and at that moment you become aware of My Presence, you grow in Love, you blossom in Love.

I am the Life, I am your Divine Mother, I am She who constantly constructs.

I am She who gives Life, I am Life, I am in you, I am Love.

It is so important that you understand this. This will liberate you more and more from your chains.

Who can combat Love? Who can combat Life?

Some think they are able to do it! They think they can destroy Life, but no one can destroy Life! Life is indestructible!

Certainly, a body can destroy itself but a soul cannot do it, and the Divine Part that inhabits this soul and this body is eternal, so it is a delusion to think that you can be destroyed.

No one can destroy the Divine Part that is in each of you, that Divine Part that is in all life! Life is always reborn to itself because we are watching over it. I am watching over it, because the Father-Mother is there to continue life; even if it sometimes seems that it is destroying itself, it continues in another way.

Life never destroys itself! On the contrary, Life propagates itself more and more in the most beautiful way, with a stronger and stronger Love, a more and more dazzling Light!

Nothing and nobody in the Universe can destroy what We have constructed, could not destroy Life which is sacred!

From the smallest to the largest, from the microbe to infinity, I am.

I am Life, I am Love, I am in you.

Have confidence in Me, because if you have confidence in Me, you have confidence in you!

I am the Life. I am Love.

I will be in you until the end of Time and I will make you grow in My Presence in this world and elsewhere. I will always be with you!

I am the Life. I am Love.

I am in you; you are in Me and I love you.”

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