Johan Fritz – Kruger, MDF, Nacht Waffen SSP Officer | Super Soldier Talk | Mar 5, 2020 (Video)

This is the first interview that Johan Fritz gave on Super Soldier Talk. Here he primarily goes into the structure of the different corporations and military groups that have been part of the Secret Space Programs.

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While Johan was in the Marine Corp he was picked up in Diego Garcia and recruited into the secret space program as a Kruger Officer on the Moon. From there he was transferred into Mars Defense Force and later Nacht Waffen.

He has done over 40 years of service and eventually made it to executive level management aboard the USS (United Secret Space) Patton. He was also C/O of the Franklin for 15 years.

Johan is able to remember more than other experiencers because he was able to resist the mkultra. He will be discussing the dynamics of the secret space program and answering audiences’ questions.

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Video edited and created by James Rink
Original Recording Date: March 5, 2020

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