Taygeta - Pleiades | Mechanics of Manifestation 2, Stellar Navigation 2, Part 1 | Swaruu of Erra | Sep 2, 2019 (Video)

Mechanics of Manifestation 2

Stellar Navigation 2, Part 1 - Introduction to Stellar Navigation

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This video was published on Sep 2, 2019

This video is an introduction to Stellar Navigation 2, and I have called it Manifestation Mechanics 2, since we have already published Mechanics of Manifestation 1, some time ago (link below).  In this fascinating article Swaruu of Erra (our Taygetean Pleiadian direct contact) talks about how "solid" matter manifests and how everything is created with consciousness. She goes to explain the frequency based technology to insert objects and even the entire situations within the quantum field that we call reality, which in fact is ¨just¨ a soup of harmonics of frequencies.

This topic is essential to understand what is coming in the topic of Stellar Navigation. Put on your metaphysical caps on and fly!

Mechanics of Manifestation 1:

Stellar Navigation 1:  

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