Friday, 26 June 2020

Reclaiming Our Misplaced Power - Sarah Blondin (Guided Meditation, Audio)

Content Source/Owner: Sarah Blondin

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Duration: 9 min

This video was published on Nov 21, 2015

Video Intro:

As we grow, the world of form presents before us a barrage of different scenarios that dance into frame. Each one inspiring us to exude more of our love or make us retract or withhold. To those we give love, we and them grow more full, creating more of that loving feeling. To those we close and call hateful words, both we and them become small and less luminous.

Gradually, without knowing we give small portions of our power away to each such scenario which has made us feel closed or restricted or condemning. In the act of doing so we unknowingly yet willingly hand to it a small pouch of our most precious gift. Slowly, our free spirits become feeling stuck and unable to enjoy the gifts of our life. Something seems to be paralyzing our joy.

This week's episode helps us travel to the places we have become divided, break the attachment to the these places, and in so doing return to our wholeness.


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