Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Interview with Dr. Andrew Kaufman - Kate Shemirani, RN - Jun 16, 2020 (Video)

Update (Jun 20, 2020):

I am calling out YouTube for its blatant censorship and infringing on Free Speech. History will be the judge of how the Mainstream Media and Big Technology platforms were complicit in pulling off the biggest scam on humanity with the fear and hype of the Pandemic. This type of censorship and control of the narrative was discussed and planned during the Event201 Global Pandemic Simulation in mid-Oct 2019. As each day goes by the powers that were, the controllers, the Cabal are further exposing themselves, their NWO agenda and  the continued push to get us on a negative timeline. They will not succeed, humanity has started its mass awakening and nothing they do can reverse this trend.

This video has been blocked within 3 days of publishing. None of the establishment mainstream media has been able to counter the science, logic of Dr. Andrew Kaufman. They hide behind their legal jargon and "violation of community guidelines" argument. They're not able to present a clear explanation of how the guidelines are violated. It's also highly coincidental that YouTube updated its community guidelines in Dec 2019.

Modern western society is not a democracy but instead, an attempt is being made to take it towards a technocratic, transhumanist, authoritarian globalist state. 


You Can't Catch a Virus!

Content Source: Charles Ward

Video direct urlhttps://youtu.be/sFGVIlrPUDc

Duration: ~ 49 min

This video was published on Jun 16, 2020


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