Full Moon Lunar Eclipse- Opening The Gateway To Major Change, Calling In Soul Group/Soulmates - Aluna Ash, June 1, 2020 (Video)

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This video was published on June 1, 2020

Video Notes:

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place on June 5th, 2020 and is opening the Gateway to the Planetary Galactic Activation on June 20-21st 2020 bringing in some major changes in consciousness that will begin to change everything as we know it. Lots of hidden information/wisdom coming to the surface. June 8th is a 13th day of a 13 day cycle just days after the Lunar Eclipse which can mean increase in Solar Activity. The New Moon Solar Eclipse will be bringing in a more power energy- Cosmic/Solar activity.

It is very mixed in terms of experiences/energy/perception & it really just depends on the individual & Solar Activity influences us all differently. But many are about to awaken to a much higher state of Being- and I will talk about this more in the next video ( Solstice/ New Moon Solar Eclipse Planetary Galactic  Axis Activation) -it is the next phase of one cycle that culminated in 2011 and a new shift/cycle that began in 2012- synchronizing with planetary consciousness (tier of hierarchy within- all kingdoms are happening within- eventually every Soul experiences this/Enlightenment/Self-Realization & begins to embody Cosmic Consciousness fully... it all takes time to integrate, and the timing- or how long it takes for each- depends on the ego & the depths of the beliefs of polarity within at all levels of Creation.

Sending healing, protection, love & gratitude to all- bringing to Light what can no longer remain hidden or suppressed within Humanity. ๐Ÿ’œ It's time to humble ourselves, acknowledge what we need to change & come together as Humanity/Family & support one another in order to heal. We can no longer remain divided, we can no longer hurt another- it is destructive, inhumane & goes against Universal Law. We are meant to build one another up, not keep another down. Part of healing is not just expression, but being heard.

When we- Humanity- overcome the battle WITHIN (thoughtforms/invisible forces on subjective planes, fields of thought charged by emotion)-- we are no longer IN the battle. We can observe, but we aren't swayed out of our true knowing of who and what we ARE- Spirit/Source/God.

The physical is a matrix of the mind. If we cannot control our own consciousness- another will for it's own purpose/desire/influence- its just the reality of reality. All about energy. Give & Take. There is a Law of Consciousness- if we do not know it, we are influenced by another ego, another will/desire, or destructive influences within the Collective Mind.
And Of course Black Lives Matter! Equality is a Divine Right.. and experiencing or feeling an injustice is not "karmic" or "deserved" it means that one Soul has been influenced/dominated by another. Any feeling of injustice within, needs to be expressed or it manifests as dis-ease. The dis-ease manifestation of the world has been suppression of self-expression... which is suppression of Spirit- Life- Breath.

The world is speaking through subconscious metaphor... in many ways

The subconscious MUST out-picture all feelings/beliefs impressed upon it, the exact likeness of the feeling/belief... it will not alter the feeling of belief- it doesn't matter if they are constructive, destructive, true or false, just or unjust, wanted or unwanted. What we dwell on with feeling- is impressed upon the womb of creation & is taken as a request then the subconscious go immediately to work by giving the feeling/belief form (manifestation.) It is our own job as individuals within Humanity to do this inner work, to change our ways of thinking- to balance where we are divided within. The Kingdom of Heaven is within, all things come from within- from the subconscious. We cannot see other then the contents of our own consciousness... all that we see outside or are aware of, is within.

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