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'An Important Experience for Humanity' - Monique Mathieu

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This channeled transmission was received by Monique Mathieu on Jun 5, 2020

An important experience for humanity


“We would like to speak to you about all that is behind the current virus.

You see one side of this problem, but you do not have a global view of what it can represent. This is not a problem but rather an experience! That experience has capital importance for the future of humanity, at several levels.

We would like to tell you first of all that we have done the maximum so that this virus not be dramatic for the world population because we really wish for a great part of humanity to be able to transit or go to much more agreeable worlds than the one where human beings are living at this moment.

We have already done something important in relation to the dangerousness of this virus, and we have also done something else of which we have never spoken. We have tried to counteract to a maximum the negative and destructive effect of the fear that has been generated because the virus itself is only secondary, which you may have been able to perceive. On the contrary, the fear generated by this immense world manipulation has been and is redoubtable.

First of all, we have protected in a considerable way all the Light Workers! You can recognize them, here and elsewhere, you can recognize certain beings that you meet in the street, in the supermarkets or stores, because in them you will not feel the vibration of fear. You will notice them particularly because they refuse to wear a mask which, we say it and will repeat it, serves strictly nothing, if it is only to bring much more damage than protection to those who use them.

Therefore, there has been a great protection of all those who are on the path of Light, but despite this there are certain people who did not have sufficient confidence or faith in relation to this problem.

We have tried, and we will still try, to liberate many other beings from this visceral fear that serves nothing, if it is not again and again for those who manipulate the great human family.

We hope to “recuperate”, in a certain way, many beings who not only merit it, but who will awaken in relation to all that has been voluntarily installed (we are weighing our words) on the planet, in a way to put humanity in slavery.

This is the important goal, the primordial goal, because, we have told you and we repeat it, there is an extraordinary manipulation, extremely well-articulated and orchestrated by the forces of the non-enlightened light.

Many beings have been trapped by this manipulation, and this trap has also functioned on certain pure hearts; we really hope to get these persons on the real path of Light and of Love that is emanating from the God Father-Mother.

From the moment when you are conscious of that, what can you do individually and collectively? We have certainly told you often, but we are going to say it again in a little different way.

What is important is, it is in this current era that you live in part as before – because you cannot do otherwise with the system of functioning of your civilization – whether you go to work, or that you live a little bit the same way, but a large part of you is preparing to be, to go beyond the constraints that your governments, among others, and well beyond them, wish to impose on you.

You must also understand, because this is important, that all of your disharmonies and all of your excessive reactions open the doors to the forces of the somber light which absolutely do not want many beings to escape them.

Therefore, be vigilant! We are not asking you to never again be in reactivity in relation to those around you or even in relation to yourself, but if this happens, call for help! If you are reactive, angry inside, call for help from those like us, call upon your Guides, the Beings of Light, your Galactic Brothers, on Mary, on Jesus, call for help from all those with whom you work without being aware of it.

You are working for the Light despite your reactivities, despite the fact that you are not always the way you would like to be, that is to say, in the Love, in wisdom and also a little bit in respect, and in respect for yourself.

Therefore, be aware of the value of each of you, be aware that without you we cannot change the world, that we could not lead you towards your future, towards the Golden Age.

Certainly, this will occur, but will there be many human beings left who will experience it? This Golden Age will take place on an intermediary plane that is situated between your current life and the future life that will be offered to humanity and to all those who have wished in the deepest part of themselves to live in the new world, that world of fraternity.

To arrive at this world of fraternity, we are really asking you (and we will try to work together towards this goal), to feel good inside, to integrate serenity, to have great inner peace, to love yourself, to have a deep sense of joy come from your heart, that joy that will also allow you to see it in the smile and in the eyes of those who surround you.

We are going to open a small parenthesis, which is important, in relation to the “masquerade” (excuse us for the word), that humanity is experiencing right now.

Like those who are acting for the somber light have seen that many things are escaping them, they have excelled in putting even more weight on human beings, and the last card that they have played, for the moment, is to put masks on everyone.

This is not obviously to protect yourself from someone else, from the virus, etc., it is so that the other person not see the Love and the smile and friendliness in the other, so that human beings become inexistent for those who surround them.

As we have said some time ago, when you offer a smile to someone you meet on the street, in a store or elsewhere, you offer him a few moments of happiness, of joy, and of Love. With these masks, you no longer see the human who is in front of you, you only see his eyes, which are sometimes sad, because the human being who wears a mask is not happy, he is fearful, certainly, but he is no longer in contact with others, he feels alone, he is isolated, and this is what those who are dominating the world have sought to do. They want to isolate beings from each other so that there is no unity!

We are therefore obligated to intervene on many planes. We are obligated to intervene, as we have said, upon those who are so precious to us, upon those who invest themselves, upon those who know how to say “no”, upon those who choose the teaching that we offer, upon the launchers of alerts who have enormous courage and who are also greatly protected by the Light. At this time, many currents are going to converge towards the same goal: the great opening of humanity, the great awakening of humanity!

Many of you are despondent to see the apathy of human beings, to see that they are not awakening and that they are still in the absolutely unreal fear of this virus that is not as dangerous as your medias have wished you to understand!”


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