'Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining' by Monique Mathieu

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This channeled transmission was received by Monique Mathieu on:

Feb 29, 2020

“As you can observe since the beginning of this year, many things are, and many things will happen on planet Earth.

Everything that your medias diffuse endlessly right now is to hide many things, to hide a practice of imprisonment in fear, by brainwashing those who are fragile and those who are total prisoners of the media.

From the moment that you have become aware of what life really is, of that to which you are advancing in leaps, (more and more), from the moment that you have acquired the certainty that, no matter what happens, you will not be alone (you will have a very important aid, not to say very considerable), not only will you not be able to “howl with the wolves”, but you will be useful to others by acting as a counterbalance, by not manifesting the least fear, and by trying to re-establish things in their just value.

We return to fear: we have said many times that the first thing needed to evolve, to elevate your vibratory frequency, is to understand your fears, to understand at what level they are situated in you, so that you could recognize them and eradicate them.

Fear is also a particular conception of the mind, that is to say that you generate fear in relation to what you hear around you.

If you listen constantly to the news about what is going to happen tomorrow, you will integrate a sort of seed that some are trying to plant in you, in your interior garden, and if your garden is not ready to avoid these bad seeds, they will grow and will prevent the good seeds that you have planted for your own evolution from germinating and developing. To slow down this great change that humanity is going to experience, the forces of somber light are in the midst of expressing all of their power.

We are going to open a necessary parenthesis:

We are not saying that the current virus is the result of laboratories or that it was provoked by the absorption of certain foods or animals; the problem is not there!

Why this problem? For several reasons, notably to make humanity aware of its fears and to make it aware of its fragility, because behind all of this there is something that stands out and that is much more serious!

What is more serious is (and that was of course planned) is in a way the fall of your civilization, the fall of your way of living.

It will not happen tomorrow but despite everything there is a risk of it happening very rapidly if no brake is placed on the “craziness”! Nothing is coherent in all that is being affirmed! We are not saying that it does not exist, we are saying that this is taking on proportions that it should not.

This danger is a problem for your civilization but, as you say on Earth, “every cloud has a silver lining!”

We have told you many times that your societies will completely transform themselves, that your way of living will no longer be what you have known up until now, that you must learn to live much more in fraternity, to live without money, to live in another way.

For the moment, the pillars of your society, that is to say those who possess money and power, those who have the capacity to manipulate human beings on planet Earth, are serving themselves with all of this, and they are putting as much power into it as they can to really halt the great quantum leap.

But nothing, and nobody, can now prevent the Earth from transiting into the dimension that will be hers, and all of the human beings who will have taken this step, who will have worked on their interior transformation could also make this quantum leap.

We have said and we repeat it, many beings will not be able to pass into the higher dimension of consciousness and vibration.

We must tell you that unconsciously, or during your sleep, you are being prepared to have a totally different conception of life. You are prepared to live and to conceive and to live a life in a much purer way.

For thousands of years, man has been manipulated and steered in the wrong direction, and now it is proving to be absolutely necessary to put things back in the right direction.

The great manipulators of this world will not go to the end of their manipulations! The great fortunes of this world will fall!

At the beginning there will still be leaders, but they will be extremely upset by an enormous disturbance at the level of consciences, at the level of human behavior, etc. People will no longer know where they are and there will be confusion.

Once this moment of confusion has passed, beings will elevate themselves above the masses (whether this is in France or elsewhere), and they will take control, but they will not be alone. In some countries, there will be small colleges of people having a spiritual culture much, much more powerful and advanced than what the current presidents of governments could have had. These beings will guide the part of humanity that will have followed the path of awakening, that part of humanity that will have wished to understand and to advance, and they will lead it towards the great quantum leap; this will not be a leap into the invisible but this will be a leap into real life!

We have often spoken to you about this true life, of what “tomorrow will be”, but do not get stuck on the timeframe that has no reality for us…

To prepare yourselves well, work as much as you possibly can on your fears. Do not believe that all of the beings that are making or will make fears grow indefinitely in all countries of the world.

All of the beings who have put into place that which is now generating your fears, whether they are human or non-human (with the aid of some unfriendly galactic beings who totally work with them (“hand in hand”) will fall because they will be brought down by the vibrations that will be constantly augmented.

The fear will continue for several more months., but people will believe less and less all that is fed to them constantly. They will begin to have confidence in themselves again, they will awaken and will believe less and less in all the news, true or false, that does not reassure them in any way.

You must now go beyond all that you must be hearing! What we can advise you, is to listen as little as possible to the news and all that is constantly aired.

All of this problem will have served you much more than you thought because it will have made discernment grow in you, and this is something that is very important for the future, because in the very near future there will be choices to make, choices that will be much more important than right now; you will have the choice of going in a direction that is not necessarily easier, of allowing you to remain asleep and to go in the direction that can only end in your fall.

Therefore, the work of discernment is very, very important. The work of understanding fears, of knowing if these are real fears, illusory fears or domestic fears, must pass by analysis and your own judgement of the heart.

When you have done this work, your behavior will be completely different.”

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