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'The Virus That Is Spreading In China' by Monique Mathieu

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Jan 25, 2020.

Can you speak to us about the virus that is spreading in China at this time?

They are telling me:

“For the moment, do not have too many worries in relation to the coronavirus. It is not yet the moment of mass departures. Certainly, there will be departures, but not in gigantic masses.

What is harmful is the fear generated by this virus, whether it is in China or elsewhere. There will not be any pandemics concerning it. Its propagation will not be as rapid as you think.

Have no fear for the moment! We are watching over, and we are making sure that this virus does not have an important impact on the world. You will find what is necessary to eradicate it.

The viruses that have been spreading for a number of years now have not escaped the scientists (we are not speaking about the virus that is spreading in China). Some experiments have been done with very, very bad intentions.

Among your researchers, there are wise researchers and some crazy researchers. Some of them work for the Light and others work for the somber light, for the unenlightened light. Therefore, the researchers serve two different masters.

However, some humans could cause the beginning of a great pandemic. (Some experiments have been done at that level). We are watching carefully so that this does not happen, because the plan concerning the humanity of planet Earth is not to disappear in this way.

It must be allowed for a maximum of beings to awaken, to understand, so that they can be “recuperated” by the Light. (This word is not a beautiful one and it does not suit us, but we employ it just the same).

We and the Great Beings of Light who manage the Earth wish for a maximum of human beings to be able to transit. Those who will not be able to transit are those who are still too much into the pleasures of matter such as money, power and sex, as well as the richest people of the world who would lose much who will have the biggest problem in transiting because they are addicted to money and power.

When beings are prisoners of addiction, they do not see everything that surrounds them, they do not even see injustice, therefore they are in a prison that they have placed themselves in.

Have compassion for those beings!

In any case, no matter what happens, do not be afraid! Fear lowers your vibratory frequency and if any kind of virus is about, you would catch it and not be able to combat it. Your vibratory frequency would be too low, and the virus would have the upper hand over you. It is therefore fragile beings who will be most affected by it.

Fear is your greatest enemy! In the times to come, fear must be excluded from your life!”

© 1984-2020 Monique Mathieu


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