Aluna Ash: Energy Update 12/17 - Dec 17, 2019 (Video)

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This video was originally published on Dec 17, 2019.

Video Intro (by Aluna Ash):

"A solar eclipse is like a giant wink from our Heavenly Father letting us know that the Universe didn't come by accident, but by Perfect Design."

If you experienced a big shift mid to late 2016 and 2017, please feel free to share in the comments below🤗 I know for a fact many did. I know about 90% of past clients experienced massive changes around this time. Many experienced an awakening around this time or massive life changes- endings/new beginnings- new paths & directions. These changes have pushed many towards a path to become more aware & feel more connected.

So after this 7 yr cycle, 7 years of gestation & some tribulations- the next activation occurs in or near/leading to the 2024 Great American Eclipse, and it is going to be big for the collective, as far as consciousness goes. I was shown the Heart of the Central Sun as well communicating through our physical Sun with leading up to this 2024 activation. Jupiter will be conjunct Uranus in Taurus at that time as well, which I love💜

Even though 2020 will be a big year of collective changes- its beautiful & I'm excited☺

When I was seeing the X/Cross eclipse paths across the US, I was zoomed out in my consciousness and experiencing the 7 continents synchronizing with the celestial spheres and the 7 mental spheres of the brain. When there is a big shift in consciousness, there's more of an awareness that develops of the collective mind synchronizing with the planetary consciousness/ planetary lightbody and Universe. When there is disharmony or rapid changes- with the mind of Humanity/Collective- it creates disharmony or shifts with the spheres/continents. As if it is dancing to a song.

In a shift to a new state of being, there is a separation from the old that seems to take place. I was seeing this with the planet/continents. In this experience, the 7 continents looked like the 7 mental spheres of the One Mind of Humanity synchronizing with the celestial spheres- the Music of The Spheres. So just like how we have chakras or energy systems within the body, we have chakras or energy systems within the brain...and these main energy systems within the brain are related to the main chakras of the body, the planet, the universe. These chakras or energy systems synchronize together creating a "music" and give access to different states of consciousness, dimensions and awareness.

The voice of God/Universe speaks through the heart & mind of man/woman.  The body had energy systems beyond just the 7 main chakras spoken about, and it looked like it mirrored the Galaxy. We as individuals synchronize with the All of it-- the collective, the elements, the planet, the galaxy, the Universe... this stuff is hard to put into words sometimes so I hope someone gets what I'm trying to say! 

I spoke more about this yesterday "X marks the spot- the doorway to another state of Being/consciousness" on Patreon. Basically, just a significant point in moving into the Age of Aquarius...and kind of pushing people more onto a path that feels more fulfilling spiritually.

Thank you guys for your love and support!

If you are interested in helping Kimberly with her healing journey, please check out her update below. So very appreciated!! XO


**I know this time of year can be tough for many, especially if you have experienced loss or a lot of changes in this past year or in the recent past... or even distance past, just know the everything is in Divine Order & Perfect. Even if we may not be able to see it or feel it in the moment. We are always supported, connected, guided and loved.

The Universe is precise, and there are no mistakes. We are only experiencing different states of consciousness to have different experiences as individual aspects of the One Universal Mind. Our connection to Oneness can only come from within, from remembering, practicing self love and love of others everyday and discipline of consciousness.

No diet, ritual, or external thing will get you closer to this connection- only the belief in it will. So be kind & compassionate with yourself & others.