What’s An Empath Really & How To Thrive As A Sensitive Person - Christina Lopes (Video)

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Video Intro (by Christina Lopes):

I help you understand what an empath truly is (hint: it’s a superpower!) and how you can thrive as an empath/sensitive, even when surrounded by harsh energies. No more struggling!

There’s a lot of information out there about empaths. But get this: most of it is very disempowering and I’m tired of the way empaths are portrayed. So we’re just gonna start over. 

Today, we’re gonna tell a different story about what it means to be an empath. If you’re highly sensitive to the energies around you, you may be an empath. And in this video, I’ll introduce you to a different way of looking at what it means to be an empath and how you can thrive-- not just survive but thrive--, as an empath in this incredible new world! 

Here’s what you’ll learn (timestamped):

Part 1: What's an empath? 3:00 Part 2: The top 4 myths about empaths 8:28 Part 3: The 2 stages of empathic development 20:38 Part 4: 3 practical tips to help you become an Empowered Empath 32:15

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