VishwaAmara: The Divine Initiation of Vishwamitra Maharishi to Vishwatejas Mulabrahmarishi

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This article was originally published on January 23, 2014.

The Creation witnessed a very unique event recently. Vishwamitra Maharshi was initiated into the next level of his spiritual growth, which is the highest any Being has ever attained and this occasion was witnessed by the entire Creation of Mula Brahman, including every one of us!

The scriptures have captured his journey from the King Kaushika to become Vishwamitra, where he had to undergo various challenges and tests. Finally with his surrender to Vasishtha Maharshi, he attained the level of Brahmarishi. He continued to work for God and progress in his spiritual journey. As he began to grow further, he was offered the post of Brahma, then Vishnu, then Shiva and also that of Devi, which he surrendered and continued to work for God as an individual. As he progressed further, he gathered an abundance of Light in him and attained the capacity to have his own Creation. He was also offered the position of God (an Universe) with his own independent creation, which he again declined.

He progressed much further from that stage also and Mula Brahman, the Source God decided to honour his growth and achievements and below is a brief account of the initiation processes to the new stage.


Vishwamitra Maharshi was initiated into a new level of Rishihood called as Mulabrahmarishi. He is the first Being ever to reach this stage of growth in the entire Creation. The initiation to this stage was done by Mula Brahman Himself and the main facilitators of the occasion were the four Rishis who come to our Cosmos during the Shunya Masa. They were supported by various other Rishis.

With respect to our Earth’s time, this event took place from the night of the 24th till the mid afternoon of 31st, December 2013. The whole Creation of Mula Brahman participated in the event. Every God/Goddess, Divine Personality and every individual from all the different parts of Mula Brahman witnessed this event. Many individuals also experienced glimpses of this unique event.

The preparation for the event went on for a little more than two years in our Earth’s time. The main Rishis in charge of the preparation were the Saptarishis, Amara Maharshi, Markandeya Maharshi and Mangal Brahman Maharshi, who worked under the guidance of Mula Brahman.

Vasishtha Maharshi was the person in charge of delegating and coordinating the entire preparation work. The task was naturally very huge due to the quantum of work. It was also to be kept a secret from Vishwamitra Maharshi and this added to the complexity of the responsibility. Initially, he involved only the main Rishis for the preparation and delegated them various responsibilities. Only at the last stages, once Vishwamitra Maharshi was informed about the event were the other Rishis involved.

The Saptarishis were involved in creating various new materials required for the initiation ceremony. The rarest of the rare flowers were created and brought by them for this occasion. These flowers were created out of the Tapas Shakti of these Rishis in combination with the energies of thousands of Unmanifested Universes. The Four Rishis also helped them in the process.

Special mantras and hymns for this event were also created by the Saptarishis. Mangal Brahman Maharshi created a unique special sacred thread from his Tapas energies in combination with the energies from Mangala Moola Prakasha Avyakta Brahman.

Amara Maharshi was responsible for choosing the guest of honour and the facilitators for the event. He did Tapas for almost a year and then came up with the names of the Four Rishis. These Four Rishis were so enthusiastic to be a part of this event that they assisted in the preparations as well.

Vasishtha Maharshi and Markandeya Maharshi also did very intense Tapas to prepare a place for hosting the event. The exact place where this event took place in the Creation is not revealed.

They also had to design the main stage where the initiation would take place. This stage has 180,001 vertexes and each vertex contained the energies, and matter from a different Unmanifested Universe. This way, the whole of the Creation of Mula Brahman could participate in the initiation function. The entire stage was enclosed in a very thick layer of unbreakable shield made of very special energies. Surrounding this globe were Six more layers of shield, each with different levels of Spiritual capacity. In each layer, all the participant guests were seated.

Vasishtha Maharshi also created a very special sacred water which was to be used for the occasion. After creating this, Maharshi Amara was given the responsibility of protecting and keeping it safe.

Markandeya Maharshi also did Tapas and created a very unique and special Bell. More than a gadget to make sound, it was also one of the most powerful spiritual gadgets and tool in the entire creation. The details of all its qualities are not revealed.

All the Gods and Divine Personalities were invited for the event. This process started from the end of November 2012 (our Earth’s time) and Vasishtha Maharshi was responsible to keep this a secret without Vishwamitra Maharshi coming to know of it.

Mangal Brahman Maharshi created a special spacecraft in the shape of a chariot for the occasion. He used energies from his 3rd Eye, his palms and thighs for this. This chariot is very unique. It will help Vishwamitra Maharshi to travel in any part of the creation of Mula Brahman without getting caught in space and time. (For example, if an individual goes to ParaBrahma without any special protect, even for a very minute period of ‘time’, millions of years will pass on our earth. These types of special spacecraft will prevent that from happening)


The Saptarishis finally revealed this information to Vishwamitra Maharshi about the initiation, on 7th December 2013 (our earth’s time). The Rishis say that Vishwamitra Maharshi was so humbled and stunned by this information that he was dazed for a period of 12 days. Vishwamitra Maharshi had never assumed any title earlier and wanted to continue in the same way. He did not want to take up this Title either. Mula Brahman then counselled and pacified him. He finally agreed on the condition that the initiation energies would be made available to every Soul in the Creation. (These energies were collected later and formed a vast field now known as the Vishwa Brahma Amulya. The strength and the quantity of the field make it behave like a Universe itself.)

On the 24th of December, every individual Soul from the entire Creation was brought to attend and witness the entire function. This was the responsibility of Amara Maharshi. (This was not a gathering at the astral or causal level, but at the level of Light. At this level, there is no time with respect to our Earth’s time. That is why, even though the event went on for about 6 days, we left our bodies only for a short duration. It was only for a fraction of ‘time’ that every Soul came and attended this event)

Then the Rishis, Gods and Divine Personalities also gathered in the different layers of the special globe that was created around the stage.

Finally, the Rishis brought Vishwamitra Maharshi for the initiation ceremony in the special chariot created by Mangal Brahma Maharshi. An amsha of Mula Brahman (which was heavily shielded so as not to affect the individuals witnessing the event) was also brought to the place of the initiation.

The Four Rishis, Saptarishis, Markandeya Maharshi, Mangal Brahman Maharshi and Amara Maharshi assembled around the main stage.

First the Saptarishis began to narrate the life of Vishwamitra Maharshi and spoke about his growth, the dedication, hard work and unconditional surrender to God, his love for every Soul in the creation and helping nature, his patience, works and ambitions towards God’s work. The Rishis mention that in our Earth’s time, this narration went on for about 2 days.

Then on the evening of 26th Dec, 7pm India time, Mangal Brahman Maharshi and Markandeya Maharshi started the initiation ceremony by invoking the energies from the Unmanifested Universe of Triambak Avyakta Brahman (These energies help in the auspicious beginning, progress and conclusion of all events). Then the Rishis began to recite the special and sacred mantras which were created earlier. Then the initiation music was played followed by the sprinkling of the sacred water. Then the special and sacred flowers were offered. The sprinkling of the sacred water and offering of flowers were personally conducted by Vasistha Maharshi and Amara Maharshi.

Then Vishwamitra Maharshi was made to consume special nectar by Vasistha Maharshi which was earlier created by the Four Rishis with the help of Mula Brahman.

While these processes were happening, all the Souls were also awed and happy to be witnessing this. The Four Rishis then described the importance of the entire initiation process and about the uniqueness of the event. They also expressed their happiness to be part of this process.

Then Vishwamitra Maharshi was made to sit in the centre of the stage such that everyone could see him. He was looking splendid and was beyond all the nine known form of emotions and his love and absolute surrender to God was very visible. He was looking as delicate as a flower and was very radiant with his glow spreading to the entire Creation.

Then the amsha of Mula Brahman which was brought down spoke many magical words (on our earth time between 30th and 31st December) and passed a lot of Light from his core and initiated him. He then put the sacred thread over his shoulders and gave him many gifts and gadgets and blessed him.

He then addresses everyone and mentioned that Vishwamitra Maharshi has transcended every definition of all the qualities in His Creation and He is very proud to call him His Son. He also said that the new stage to which he has been initiated will be known as Mulabrahmarishi and as Vishwamitra glows like trillions of ParaBrahma’s and his radiance reaches every part of the Creation like His own, he shall henceforth be called as VISHWATEJAS – the individual whose Radiance is Universal.

Then Vishwatejas Mulabrahmarishi expressed his gratitude to Mula Brahman for this special honour and mentioned that he had never felt so humbled, loved and shocked before. He expressed his gratitude to everyone present who had come to witness his special event and was very thankful. And he mentioned many special words about the Rishis who have always worked with him and supported him in his journey. He also expressed his wish to continue working for the Creation and assured everyone of his help and guidance wherever possible. He then took the Blessings of Mula Brahman once again and then hugged all those present there.

Finally Maharshi Amara who has been always associated with Vishwamitra Maharshi narrated many experiences and incidents from his life and works relating to Vishwamitra Maharshi. He finally thanked all the Universes, Gods and Personalities and all the Souls who gathered there. He also thanked all the Rishis who were involved in the whole processes and the entire initiation ceremony concluded.


The Rishis had given a special technique to be practiced by everyone during this period from the 25th to the 31st so that the individuals could easily connect to the event and also absorb the special energies which were being used during the processes. Many were able to absorb these special energies and have glimpses of the event. A few also wrote to us sharing the various visions, sounds and smells they could sense during this period, which was from this great event.

As mentioned earlier, Vishwatejas Mulabrahmarishi expressed the desire to gather the special energies used during the initiation (called the Vishwa Brahma Amulya) and share it with the entire Creation. He will be bringing these energies to our Brahmanda and anchoring them all over, including our Earth between the 26th and the 30th of January.

Relating to this event, after the Saptarishis resumed their responsibility of administration of the Cosmos on Sankranti (14th Jan), they initiated Kavitha and Karthik (along with many other Rishi-workers) into the next stage of the work. They were also given the names Maitreyi and Karthik Vishwatejas and were asked to start using the names at the physical level also.

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Note : We are still gathering many details of this event. We shall publish these separately at a later date.

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