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How We Go From Enslaved To Un-slaved

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This article was published on Nov 26, 2018.

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What rises to the surface is weightless. What floats, rests on other, denser parts. These risings and floating’s happen when unburdened and unrestrained. They mimic your truth, and expose your natural state – unbound.

On earth now, they can be seen as buoys drifting on a dark sea. They can be tasted first as that dollop of whipped cream on top of a steaming cup of hot cocoa. They are witnessed in happiness. They can be heard in the laughter of the innocent. They are felt in the throes of passion. You will find them in smiling eyes.

What does it mean to be free? A part of me knows, remembers even.  This physical body does not, not fully. The current me knows only slavery.

Yet with imagination, we can get to this place called free. We can picture a non-slave life:

There are no shoulds.

There are no bills, taxes, interest.

There is no debt of any kind.

There are things that need doing. There are people that need caring for. There is a society that has to function for the benefit of all. Things like wellness, optimal emotional development, artistic expression, scientific discovery, advances in technology are all a potential part of your life rather than “jobs” that “pay” or “require” a “level” of “education” to pursue. Everyone participates.

Choices of food eaten, home lived in, clothing worn or school attended are not defined by “income level”. The playing field is equal. Opportunities are everywhere.

If there is money, it is neither hard to get nor necessary to hoard. It is not cause for anxiety (aging).

Imagine if tomorrow you didn’t have to think about how you’d be able to buy your next meal, care for your mother, support your family, fix your roof, fix your car, buy that needed therapy or replace that pair of holey boots. Imagine if your mail consisted only of birthday cards, love letters and notes from your friends and family.

Imagine if the food you ate was fresh and free of chemicals, as well as plentiful. Imagine if you held no concept of a 40-hour work week or mounting debt or age-related illness.

Imagine all of the thing’s freedom would mean for you right now. Spend a moment there, long enough to really feel it.

This is the core of creation – emotional intensity, passionate participation, vibrant visualization.  Every moment you spend there – pulls it closer.

Not pulling as in taking it away from someone else. It is pulling in the pieces of this un-slaved existence. It is laying out the tools so they are within reach. It is building for yourself the opportunity you seek.

Only you can do this. Those who have controlled things here are not going to suddenly see the error of their ways, and say “Oh, my bad” as they hand you the keys to the kingdom. Nope, not gonna happen like that.

You already have those keys – you only need to use them.

Take your eyes off of slavery.  You already know that story by heart.

Place them instead on un-slavery. Better yet – take a gander at un-bound. Focus on free. Not only as words or distant, unreal ideas, but get right down to it. Feel it. See it. Know it as real and in your every day. You'll know what to do once that happens.

Imagine your mail box with only good things in it. See the car, teeth, body, shoes, mom or roof as you want them to be. Just picture free in every place that you are now enslaved. Picture it often and it has no choice but to appear. Infuse it with passion and you’ll get to know “free” as well as you now recognize shackled.

Change enslaved to UN-slaved.

It is here, in these final moments, that our core truth emerges and writes our ending. We are free. We are the ones. We have anchored the light. It is done.

With appreciation for all that you are,


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